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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Mother Teresa and Anita Figueredo (AASH Past President, 1959-61)

Sacred Heart Connections
Blessed Teresa of Calcutta (Aug 26, 1910 - Sept 5, 1997)
photo taken prior to the 2009 AASH Cor Unum Awards Liturgy at the
Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels

As the evening draws to a close, I have become aware that today (September 5th) marked the 14th year anniversary of Mother Teresa's death.  Most everyone has heard of this extraordinary woman.  I took the photo (above) while in Los Angeles attending the 2009 AASH Conference.  It was also the last time I would have the pleasure of seeing AASH past president, Anita Figueredo. 

I first met Anita in 2004 in San Diego.  While I physically towered over her it was not until after I took the above photos of both she and Mother Teresa in the Cathedral that I began to realize that Anita Figueredo was bigger than life itself.  She had accomplished more than I could ever imagine in her 93 years of life.  And what a life she had lived.  She is a true inspiration! Dr. Anita Figueredo married Dr. William Doyle in 1942. She was an alumna of Manhattanville, a mother of nine, a pioneer female oncology surgeon, became a confidant of Mother Teresa and so much more! To begin to understand and know Anita, I highly recommend getting your hands on the book, "A Trail of Light" by her daughter Sarita Eastman. 

Anita Figueredo (1916- 2010)
Photo taken April 25, 2009

The quote below is taken from the book "A Trail of Light, The Very Full Life of Dr. Anita Figueredo" by Sarita Eastman ~ 
"Anita's religious life was not familial... Then, too, at just the age when she was seeking her true spiritual home, she encountered the highly intelligent and attractive Religious of the Sacred Heart and cast her lot with them." 

P.S.  Read more about Dr. Anita V. Figueredo on page 5 of the Fall 2010 issue of Esprit de Coeur - click here

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  1. I forgot to mention in my hast to get the blog written that the Fall 2010 issue of Esprit de Coeur featured a lovely article about Dr. Anita V. Figueredo on page 5 along with a photo taken of all the AASH past presidents in attendance at the 2009 AASH Conference. To read it go to and click on the left hand link marked Esprit de Coeur. MER :)