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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

To Mother Adeline Boilvin, American RSCJ

As seen in the Chapel at
Schools of the Sacred Heart Grand Coteau

August 31, 1838 ~ Philippine Duchesne writes to Adeline Boilvin, RSCJ, "The Jewels of Calvary are the cross, the thorns and the binding cords. Have courage!  Others have worn them before us and have seen them changed into treasures eternal and incomprehensible in value. In Corde Jesu, Phil."

Taken from the book:  Through the Year with Philippine Duchesne

Adeline Boilvin made her final vows on September 30, 1838 and she died on her 35th birthday, September 24, 1848 while in Canada under the care of Mother Amelie Jouve (Philippine's niece).  She was superior and mistress of novices at McSherrystown, Pennsylvania.  The school closed in 1846 and relocated a couple of times before its final location ~ Eden Hall (Torresdale, PA) which closed in 1968. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sprout Creek Farm - Labor Day Weekend Sale!!

This past weekend, I received the Sprout Creek Farm newsletter from Margo Morris, RSCJ. The pictures you see below were taken shortly after Hurricane Irene struck the East coast.  For those that attended the 2011 AASH Conference in Miami you may recall the delicious cheese in the hospitality / boutique room - it was from Sprout Creek Farm! Why not treat yourself to some delicious cheese this weekend!  Wishing all a very safe and enjoyable Labor Day holiday!  

Sprout Creek Farm
Oh Irene, We Thought We Knew Ya'.

At this very moment, Irene sustains her tantrum sending sheets of rain to douse the already saturated land, continues to threaten floods and snap a few brawny boughs over the power lines. But though it seems too soon to cheer, it does appear that Irene is losing her girth and her heft. She hasn't the wind to fuel her temper as she did earlier. In just a few more hours we hope to whisper,

"Good night, Irene".

 We know some of you id not fare as well as we did.  Be assured of our thoughts and prayers in the days ahead.

An earthquake began the week and a hurricane ends it here on the east coast, but in between, a very sweet event took place that makes us happy and proud. Sprout Creek Farm participated in the Dutchess County Fair dairy heifer competition and our 4 heifers each placed and won a ribbon. Even more impressive, due to the compelling interaction of our staff with thousands of fair-goers throughout the week, we won the Herdsmanship Award. This is awarded to those who educate the public, have informative and attractive printed materials, displays and signage, who keep their animals and all surrounding areas clean and presentable to the public. Apparently, there are judges who roam the many animal barns incognito for the duration of the Fair and base their decision on many passes through each of the barns. Best of all, the MC at the judge's stand in the show ring, gave Sprout Creek Farm kudos for our educational programs specifically designed for youth. Are we happy? You betcha'.


Labor Day weekend is just around the bend. "God willin' an' the creek don' rise", we have a little something to make your weekend a bit more memorable.

With your purchase of one half pound tub of our clean, fresh, tangy and spreadable goat cheese called Doe Re Mi, you get a second tub at half price. That's a full pound of goat cheese for just $12. What can you do with it?
  1. Spread it on a bagel with lox, prosciutto, herbs, scallions, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, etc.
  2. Put several small dollops atop an omelet or frittata just before serving.
  3. Layer with pesto - basil, parsley, artichoke, etc. and serve with crisps.
  4. Crumble onto a roasted beet, sautéed walnut, and sliced peach salad --- a little balsamic vinegar and walnut oil helps to connect the flavors.
  5. Instead of sour cream, top your hot chili soup with it, or spoon a little onto your pasta puttanesca.
  6. Put a layer of herbed Doe Re Mi in the middle of a hamburger patty or meatloaf. Yes, really.

Keep this in mind: we call Doe Re Mi "the cheese that refuses NOTHING" for a reason. Come. Get it. Find out why.

Our offer of 2 tubs or a whole pound for $12 holds Thursday, September 1st through Sunday, September 4th.

***Fall market hours beginning now: Wednesday through Saturday 10AM to 6PM. Sunday 10AM to 4PM.


  Sprout Creek Farm is a charitable not-for-profit organization dedicated to education, using as context agriculture and the environment.  We thank you for your continued support.    
Sprout Creek Farm
34 Lauer Rd.
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
845-485-8438 (main office)
845-485-9885 (market & creamery) 
845-454-6158 (fax)

Monday, August 29, 2011

To her cousin Josephine Perier, Baronesse de Savoye-Rollin

August 29, 1819
 Philippine Duchesne
celebrates her 50th birthday!

August 29, 1819 ~ Philippine writes to her cousin Josephine Perier, Baronesse de Savoye-Rollin, "I am fifty years old today, my dearest friend.  That age makes me realize how unfit I am for the venture I have undertaken, but it does not lessen the tender affection that has bound me to you, to Augustin (Perier), and to Camille (Jordan) for so many, many years.  You were my dearest friends in all the world, and though I left the world for the cloister, my love for you has survived a sacrifice that was akin to death." 

Taken from the book: Through the Year with Philippine Duchesne

Sunday, August 28, 2011

To St. Madeleine Sophie Barat

Window featuring St. Madeleine Sophie Barat
location unknown to this author

August 28, 1819 ~ Philippine Duchesne writes to Madeleine Sophie Barat, "I am so grateful for your generosity at a time when you are in such severe want.  I share all your anxieties.  Do not give another thought to ours. Suffering brings its own sweetness, for Divine Providence never fails us."

Taken from the book: Through the Year with Philippine Duchesne

If anyone knows the location or has more info on the above window, please leave a comment.  

My thoughts and prayers turn today to all those who live in the path of Hurricane Irene.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Photo Highlights from the Summertime Congé hosted in Chicago

Congé (kŏn'jē) translated from the French meaning: 1. Formal or authoritative permission to depart; 2. An abrupt dismissal; and for most children of the Sacred Heart a day filled with fun and no classes!

This past Thursday evening all alums living in the Chicagoland area were invited to a Summertime Congé that was hosted by Sacred Heart Schools Chicago and the Sheridan Road Alumni Association at the Erie Cafe which is owned by Hardey Alums!  Yes, it was a wonderful evening to network and make new friends as you can see from my postcard highlights! Many thanks to the school and Sheridan Road Alumni Association for hosting such a fun evening filled with delicious food and prizes! Remember you are always welcome at a Sacred Heart school and I encourage you to visit the website of the school near you and check out the upcoming events in your area!

Friday, August 26, 2011

To her cousin Josephine Perier, Baronesse de Savoye-Rollin

Josephine Perier, Baronesse de Savoye-Rollin
August 26, 1830 ~  Philippine writes to her cousin Josephine, "Let me thank you again for the help you so kindly sent me and also renew the expression of my gratitude to all the members of your family who have helped me in the past. Your friendship has followed me to these distant regions, where one sees few examples of attachment as generous and lasting as yours." 

Taken from the book: Through the Year with Philippine Duchesne

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart - celebrating their Golden Jubilee!

Pictured left to right: Laurie Nuell, '75CA  2011 AASH Conference Chair;
Suzanne Cooke, RSCJ Headmistress of Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart and
Maria Cristina Garcia, '00 CA, Director of Alumni Relations and
also serving a second term as AASH Southern Regional Director
The above photo was taken during the evening attendees of the 2011 AASH Conference were hosted at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart.  The evening was billed as a Tropical Night Under the Stars.  Carrollton sits on a beautiful piece of property and the night we were being hosted, the warm night air was filled with music, laughter and lots of good food!  As many of our Sacred Heart schools are preparing to open their doors for yet another school year, this particular one comes to my mind as they celebrate their Golden Jubilee!

I want to thank Laurie,  Sr. Cooke, and Maria Cristina and the entire conference committee for the wonderful hospitality and all that they did to make the  2011 AASH Conference so enriching and enjoyable! If you are in the Miami area I encourage you to visit and learn more about this vibrant school and its rich history first hand.  

Congratulations to Diane Brooks, class of '87 who designed the above Anniversary Seal for Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart.  Click here to learn more about the symbolism behind this beautiful seal as well as the schools history -

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summertime Congé to be hosted on Thursday, August 25th - Erie Cafe (Chicago)

Alums had a great time last year at the Conge ....I look forward
to attending again on Thursday and hope to see you there!

Sacred Heart Schools and the Sheridan Road Alumni Association
Invite Chicagoland Alumnae/i of all Sacred Heart Network Schools
To a special event
Summertime Conge 
A social hour and networking event 

Thursday, August 25
6-9 pm
Erie Café 
536 W. Erie Street

Bring your classmates - an over 21 event.
Complimentary Hors d'oeuvres . Cash Bar . Free Valet Parking . 50/50 Raffle
RSVP as soon as possible!

Presented by Sacred Heart Schools and Sheridan Road Alumni Association

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Journal of Mother Duchesne, 1818-1840

August 23, 1819 ~  Mother Duchesne writes in her journal, "It would be very wrong for us ever to lack confidence in Divine Providence after all the proofs we have had of God's care of us: a small sack of rice - about 20 pounds - sufficed for the entire year, and we ate rice frequently.  We did not have to buy coffee or much sweetening, as these were supplied by the kind Ursulines of New Orleans."

Taken from the book: Through the Year with Philippine Duchesne

Monday, August 22, 2011

To St. Madeleine Sophie Barat

August 22, 1818 ~ Philippine Duchesne writes to Madeleine Sophie Barat, "Before leaving the steamboat Franklin to set foot on the promised land of St. Louis, I read again the words of Deuteronomy which once made such an impression on me: "Hear, O Israel: Thou shalt go over Jordan this day . . . Therefore love the Lord thy God and observe the commandments." This is our resolve - may God bless it! 

Taken from the book: Through the Year with Philippine Duchesne

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mary "Be" Mardell, RSCJ honored at St. Madeleine Sophie's Center annual benefit

RSCJ seated from l-r : Sr. Gina Rodee, Sr. Mary "Be" Mardell, Sr. Sally Furay, Sr. Eileen Bearss,
RSCJ standing l - r: Sr. Maureen Chicoine, Sr. Ada Burns, Sr. Mary Ann "Sis" Flynn,
Sr. Elizabeth "Betty" Walsh, Sr. Mary Hotz, Sr. Linda Hayward, Sr. Mary Schumacher,
Back row standing l-r:  Sr. Juliet Mousseau, NSCJ, Sr. Bunny Flick,  and Sr. Irene "Reenie" Cullen

The above photo was taken Friday, August 19th at a reception for Sr. Mary "Be" Mardell, the original founder of St. Madeleine Sophie's Center and fellow RSCJ from California.  St. Madeleine Sophie's Center hosted its 34th Annual Haute with Heart Fashion Show/Luncheon Fundraiser on August 20, 2011. Sr. Mardell (pictured above) founded the Center for children with disabilities in 1965 before it transitioned to serving adults in the early '70's.  She will be honored by giving the invocation at the event.  

About St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center
St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center (SMSC) is a non-denominational program helping nearly 400 people with developmental disabilities, their families and communities, discover, explore, and nurture their full potential. Located in El Cajon, California, 20 miles east of Downtown San Diego, the organization provides service to the greater San Diego communities.

SMSC offers progressive programs and services with a teacher-to-student ratio ranging from 1:3 to 1:8, including Work Activity and Supported Employment; Behavior Modification; Computer Lab; Organic Garden & Worm Farm; Culinary Arts; Aquatics; Aerobics, Fitness,Yoga and Dance; Sophie’s Gallery Art Program (the first program of its kind in the region that has three sites: SMSC’s main campus; Downtown El Cajon; and NTC Point Loma); Music Therapy; Reading; Speech Therapy/Sign Language; and a Senior Program for students age 50+ (the first program of its kind in the region). SMSC also operates its own fleet of 30 para-transit vans and buses to and from SMSC each day, to work sites and on field trips.

For more information on St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center,

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Anonymous donors plan to purchase former Barat College campus

Barat College ~ Lake Forest, IL
To many the announcement made this week that anonymous donors plan to purchase the former Barat College campus and then donate the property to Woodlands Academy located next door was met with both gratitude and trepidation.  The Religious of the Sacred Heart purchased the property in Lake Forest in 1901 and in September 1904 the Academy of the Sacred Heart in Lake Forest, Illinois was opened to 66 boarding students.  By August 29, 1918 Barat College received its charter from the State of Illinois. The college remained single sex until 1982 when the Board of Trustees made the decision to matriculate male students.   February 2001 Barat College Board of Trustees formalized an educational alliance with DePaul University to ensure long-term growth and increase educational opportunities for its students. In February 2004, DePaul University announced its decision to discontinue operating Barat College after the June 2005 graduation. In light of DePaul's decision to close the school, the city of Lake Forest created a task force (Barat Community Planning Team) to evaluate the potential reuse of the 23 acre property.  DePaul sold the campus later that year to developer Robert Shaw.   In the midst of plans to transform the property for residential use the economy and many other delays forced the developer into foreclosure. Harris Bank was the sole bidder of the former Barat College property in an auction May 4, 2010 and the property has remained vacant ever since.  

Gerald Grossman, head of Woodlands Academy, called the donation “an unprecedented gift to the school.” 
Grossman said the donors wrote: “We have seen the benefits of an all-girls, Catholic high school that pushed each student to reach her potential in both academics and citizenship. We believe in the mission of Woodlands Academy. We believe in the girls. We believe in the Administration, the faculty and staff and we believe in the Board of Trustees.”

“This most generous gift is a profound affirmation of our mission as expressed in the Sacred Heart goals and criteria, and our determination to be faithful to our heritage while always looking forward to ways we will continue to respond to the needs of the world in which we live and serve,” he said. Grossman said that while the parties work to remove contingencies and consummate the transfer to Woodlands Academy, the school board and administration will undertake “a thorough process to identify the best use of the property in keeping with Woodlands’ academic mission and taking into consideration the interests of the various constituencies within Woodlands Academy and the surrounding communities.”

Friday, August 19, 2011

To: St. Madeleine Sophie Barat

 Artist rendering of the First Brick Convent 1835
by Beverly Zoellner Groneck, SC'69

August 19, 1851 ~  Philippine writes to Madeleine Sophie Barat: "I beg you never to close this house of St. Charles.  If you could only see the pretty place we have here, standing beside the church, you would not have the courage to take it from us. I sympathize sincerely with all the crosses you have to carry, but I beg you, take mine away by safeguarding the existence of this, our first dwelling-place in America." 

Taken from the book: Through the Year with Philippine Duchesne

The mural above can be seen as you enter the Academy of the Sacred Heart Archives lower level.  Artist and alumna Beverly Zoellner Groneck, SC '69 was commissioned to draw murals featuring significant historical buildings and quotes as you descend the staircase leading into the archives.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

CWDGA hosts 80th Annual Championship

Pictured (left to right) with MER are fellow Sacred Heart alums:  
Sally Clissold, (NC '64),  also a fellow CWDGA Board member and 
Nancy L. Sullivan (WA '65), First Flight Champion Winner

The Chicago Women's District Golf Association (CWDGA) hosted its 80th Annual Championship at Ruth Lake Country Club earlier this week.  This tournament is billed as the most prestigious tournament of the season for the CWDGA. The field consisted of 72 amateur women golfers from the Chicagoland area who participated in the three day match play event. What a wonderful three day event it was!  Complete with gorgeous weather and spectacular golf!  It was a pleasure to referee and watch fellow Sacred Heart alumna, Nancy L. Sullivan as she was declared the winner of the First Flight after a sudden death victory won on the 20th hole! 

Congratulations to Tanya Olson winner of the 80th Annual CWDGA Championship and also a fellow CWDGA board member who made a spectacular birdie putt on the 18th hole!   Yesterday marked the second consecutive year that Tanya has been declared winner of the CWDGA Championship!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

To her sister Euphrosine, Madame Jean-Joseph Jouve

August 17, 1852 ~  Philippine writes to her sister Euphrosine, "Yesterday I received the Last Sacraments. I am leaving you sorrowfully because you are all alone.  But God has promised the hundredfold to those who leave father and mother for His sake, and you deserve this, too, for your sacrifices were greater than any made by your children.  Courage, then. One is always the richer for having made sacrifices for God. I carry into eternity my memory of your children and you. Adieu."

Taken from the book: Through the Year with Philippine Duchesne

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

On this day in the year 1852

Rose Philippine Duchesne (1769-1852)

August 16, 1852 ~ Mother Duchesne received the Last Sacraments because she was very weak, suffering from high fever and the intense summer heat.

Taken from the book:  Through the Year with Philippine Duchesne

Monday, August 15, 2011

The Feast of the Assumption

Artist Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640)

The Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary - Solemnity

The Feast of the Assumption
The commemoration of the death of the Blessed Virgin Mary (the Dormition, or falling asleep, as it was known in the East) is known as the Assumption because of the tradition that her body did not decay but that she was raised up, body and soul, into heaven. This tradition was already present in the sixth century; by the beginning of the twentieth century it was widespread; and after consulting the views of bishops all over the world, the Pope formally and infallibly declared the doctrine of the Assumption to be part of the authentic and ancient doctrine of the universal Church.

Taken from the Catholic Calendar

Saturday, August 13, 2011

To her sister Euphrosine, Madame Jean-Joseph Jouve

Photo taken by MER in the gymnasium of
Duchesne Academy of the Sacred Heart ~ Omaha, Nebraska
Site of the 39th AASH Biennial Conference ~ April 10-14, 2013

August 13, 1833 ~  Philippine writes to her sister Euphrosine, "I thank God for having disposed of all things by His adorable Providence so that you and your husband can spend your days in peace and happiness.  Adieu, dearest Sister.  My love to all your dear ones, especially to your husband. The love of my heart for you will never grow cold."
Taken from the book: "Through the Year with Philippine Duchesne"

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Prayer used by Mother Duchesne

Mosaic of Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne
featured in the
Cathedral Basilica of Saint Louis

Prayer used by Mother Duchesne

O Jesus, divine Spouse of my soul, how can I thank You for the great love you have shown me?  I want to thank You in particular for Your holy Mother Mary. I offer You her immaculate heart, just as I offer Your Sacred Heart to the Eternal Father.  Let me love You through this heart that loved You so much; let me offer You the pure body that served as Your virginal sanctuary. I offer You, O Jesus, Your own beloved Mother in thanksgiving for all the graces You have bestowed on me, I offer her in reparation for my life, for the sanctification of my soul, and to beg of You the grace of final perseverance in Your service and love.
Taken from the book: "Through the Year with Philippine Duchesne"

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Quotation from Father Jean Crasset, S.J.

Father Jean Crasset, S. J.
Copper engraving by Steph Gantrel ca 1740

Quotation from Father Jean Crasset, S. J., "The constant watchword of a true lover of Jesus is this: to work or to suffer for Him, to glorify Him by life or by death."

Taken from the book:  Through the Year with Philippine Duchesne

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Our mission is to transform the world, one child at a time."

"Our mission is to transform the world, one child at a time."  Yes, that is what Sister Lucie Nordmann,  Head of School at Villa Duchesne / Oak Hill writes on the Welcome page of their website. 

As I was adding more alum association sites to the blog last week, I came across a wonderful video produced by Villa Duchesne / Oak Hill School in St. Louis, MO.  "Villa" as it is often referred is also home to AASH! Our offices are located upstairs behind the Chapel in what used to be the cloister.  I so enjoy my visits there and the AASH board and our new National Director, Susan King appreciate the beautiful space that has been provided to us for the last several years.   I hope you will enjoy the video as much as I did! 

Monday, August 8, 2011

Watercolors by Peggy Macnamara, WA'65 ... art exhibition at the Nature Museum

Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum ~ Chicago, IL 

Peggy Macnamara an alumna of Woodlands Academy describes her artwork as being 'about the study of nature' and her art collection includes a beautiful array of birds, insects, mammals, reptiles and fish.  Many times she is seen drawing these inhabitants in their natural state as seen in her neighborhood. Peggy's watercolors are full of detail and very vibrant color. If in the Chicago area, you can view her work which is currently on exhibition at the Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum in Lincoln Park till October 23, 2011. 

Book Signing and Drawing Demonstration with Artist Peggy Macnamara 
Wednesday, August 24, 2011 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m

Please join artist Peggy Macnamara for a drawing demonstration and signing of her book Architecture by Birds and Insects.   Selected pieces featured in the book are currently on exhibit at the Nature Museum located at 2430 N. Cannon Drive, Chicago, IL.  More books by Peggy Macnamara are listed on the right side of my blog under the Books by Sacred Heart Alum Authors.

To see first hand a sampling of Peggy Macnamara's beautiful watercolors click here to view the video produced by Carmel Cowan -

Sunday, August 7, 2011

To: Father Charles De La Croix

Potawatomi Indians

August 7, 1842 ~ Mother Duchesne writes to Father De La Croix, "As I lead a very solitary life here at St. Charles now, I can employ my time in making reparation for the past and in preparing for death; but I cannot put out of my mind the thought of the Indians, and my ambition carries me even to the Rockies.  I can only adore the designs of God Who has taken from me the thing I had so long desired."
Taken from the book:  Through the Year with Philippine Duchesne

Saturday, August 6, 2011

St. Madeleine Sophie to Mother Duchesne:

August 6, 1806 ~  St. Madeleine Sophie to Mother Duchesne: You exclaim, "How good God is!" - but that is not enough.  You also must become good. Our Lord wishes to entrust His work to souls who prove their love for Him by earnest fidelity in acquiring the virtues of the saints. Humility, meekness, charity, patience - these must characterize the true missionary.

Taken from the book: Through the Year with Philippine Duchesne

Friday, August 5, 2011

To her sister Euphrosine, Madame Jean-Joseph Jouve

August 5, 1850 ~   Philippine Duchesne writes to her sister Euphrosine, "Do not worry about my health; it is as good as could be expected when one is more than eighty years old.  You and I are very closely united, being nearly the same age and having been bound to each other, not only by family ties but also by the closest friendship.  I am all yours in the Sacred Heart of Jesus."

Taken from the book:  Through the Year with Philippine Duchesne

Thursday, August 4, 2011

WALLS SPEAK... The Narrative Art of Hildreth Meiere

Walls Speak: The Narrative Art of Hildreth Meiere is an exhibition on view at the National Building Museum in Washington, D.C. thru November 27, 2011.

Hidreth Meiere, AASH President 1957-1959

I had the distinct pleasure of being with the artist's daughter and granddaughter on May 5th to view this exhibit. I encourage all those who are planning on being in the DC area to make a trip to the National Building Museum and see Hildreth Meiere's work and learn more about this extraordinary woman. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

New look to their Website.....Academy of Duchesne - Omaha, NE

Duchesne Academy - Omaha, Nebraska

Last Saturday, some of you will recall I did not post anything and that is because I was busying trying to add all of the Alumnae/i Association sites and more Sacred Heart Alum book authors to my blog.  As I did this I discovered that Duchesne Academy in Omaha, NE has a new look to their website.  Also, you will read news of their Capital Campaign Groundbreaking.  Check it out!  

While in Omaha last June, I had the pleasure of attending some of the Reunion weekend (June 3-5, 2011) events seeing many familiar faces from both Duchesne College and Duchesne Academy.  Photos taken at the Wine & Cheese reception on Friday, June 3rd have been posted to a flickr album.  To view them click on the photo to the right side of this blog and enjoy the sideshow!

Mark your calendars and plan on attending the 39th AASH Biennial Conference being hosted in Omaha April 10-14, 2013!  The campus will be completely transformed and all of the alumnae in the area are looking forward to hosting us!  

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

CASHA (Canadian Association of Sacred Heart Alumnae) CONFERENCE

Beatrice Keleher Raffoul, Event Coordinator and
Sheila Donahoe, CASHA President
photo taken at CASHA 2007 in Halifax
The Canadian Association of the Sacred Heart Alumnae Conference
Making a Difference in the 21st Century......Listening with one Heart

The Sacred Heart School in Montreal is celebrating their 150th year anniversary and hosting a Social Justice Conference for all members of the Canadian and International Sacred Heart Alumnae Associations. Please join Sheila Donahoe, CASHA President and Beatrice Kelcher Raffoul, Event Coordinator on Friday, October 28, 2011 in Montreal.  

Click here for conference itinerary
Click here for details on hotel accommodations
Registration deadline is October 18th! Click here to register on-line

The Sacred Heart School of Montreal
3635 Atwater Ave.
H3H 1Y4

Monday, August 1, 2011

St. Madeleine Sophie to Mother Duchesne:

August 1, 1806 ~ St. Madeleine Sophie wrote to Mother Duchesne: I open my heart to you, my very dear Philippine, but what I write is just for you. I have so great a desire that you should love our Jesus that I long to enkindle in your soul the confidence and love I myself should have for Him, in order that you may love Him for me. Even if Jesus offers Himself to you only on the Cross, you should press Him to your heart more eagerly than if He showed Himself to you in the radiance of Thabor. 

Taken from the book:  Through the Year with Philippine Duchesne