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Friday, October 24, 2014

Tea at Duchesne House - Roehampton, England

 My visit with RSCJ in England (L-R): Dorothy Bell and Mary Grant; Joan Faber and MER;
Mon Barudi, Anne Attard, Amy Micallef Eynaud, MER and Mimi Goddard;
MER and Eileen Foster

"To be a joy-bearer and a joy-giver says everything; it means that one is faithfully living for God and that nothing else counts, and if one gives joy to others we are doing God's work. With joy without and within, all is well.  I can conceive no higher way.  Joy is the most heavenly atmosphere found on earth - we ought to cultivate it as a duty always."

Janet Erskine Stuart RSCJ (1857-1914)
6th Superior General of the Society of the Sacred Heart

The above quote is taken from the perpetual spiral-bound calendar "The Life Lived" which celebrates the Centenary of Janet Erskine Stuart, RSCJ - (click here to order). And. to order your very own Janet Erskine Stuart Centenary Memorabilia - click here.

What a joy it was for me to have the opportunity to be in England earlier this month to celebrate the Eucharist of Thanksgiving for Janet Erskine Stuart on October 11th with fellow Sacred Heart alums and RSCJ.  
One of the many highlights of my trip was a visit with the retired RSCJ living at Duchesne House and New House and having afternoon tea and delicious homemade cake. It was so good to see many of the same familiar faces that our Sacred Heart embraces - specifically on Sunday the following RSCJ: Mon Barudi, Frances Lynch, Norah Lester, Lucia Park, Joan Faber, Amy Micallef Eynaud, Mimi Goddard, Mary Grant and Anne Attard.

Many thanks to Sr. Dorothy Bell, rscj who graciously hosted me during my stay in Hammersmith at Bute Gardens and arranged for Sr. Eileen Foster, rscj to meet me and discuss the history of the Society of the Sacred Heart in England.  Before retiring Sr. Foster worked in the Provincial Archives in Roehampton so we enjoyed a nice visit on Sunday afternoon.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Feast of Mater Admirabilis

Mater as seen at Mount Anville Secondary School

O Mother will it always be That every passing year
 Will make thee seem more beautiful, Will make thee grow more dear?
How near to God, how dear to God, Dear Mother thou must be –
We scarce can raise our hearts to Him, Unless we think of thee.
O Mother thou art fair to see, More fair than starry night, Thy radiance is a tender beam From God’s own heav’nly light
Ah this we know, how true it is That every passing year
 Will make thee seem more beautiful, Will make thee grow more dear
All pure, all good, all sinless thou, Beyond mere human ken
All tender and all pitying, Toward us, frail sons of men

The more we seek to know thy heart, The more there is to learn – Like thee to be most rich in grace, We pray and hope and yearn.

written by Agatha Pfeiffer, Sacred Heart alumna of Hilltop

Sunday, October 5, 2014

AASHLA Hosts Annual Tapas Themed Fundraiser

I enjoyed a spectacular evening in Los Angeles on Sunday, September 21, 2014 when the Alumnae of the Sacred Heart of Los Angeles (AASHLA) hosted their annual fundraiser at the home of Kathy and Monte Purcelli.  

Jill Buyan, President of the AASHLA and I arrived early to help Kathy transform her backyard into a festive and fun place to enjoy the Tapas themed party.  Kathy and Monte Purcelli were such gracious hosts and Kathy is an amazing cook too! The entire Tapas themed dinner menu was prepared by her!  

Besides the delicious food that Kathy prepared, Suzanne Branchflower organized a raffle which many alums had contributed various items to.  Additionally, custom designed jewelry featuring our beautiful Mater was on display and available for sale.  

By the way, if you are planning on attending the AMASC Congress in Arizona (November 6-9, 2014) you will see the beautiful necklaces, earrings and barrettes available for sale at the Le Marché Du Sacré Coeur.  

This was surely a wonderful evening filled with Sacred Heart friendship, great food and lots of fun!