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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sacred Heart Alumna Honors Mater Admirabilis with Lyrics

Last August Forest Ridge School of the Sacred Heart in Bellevue, WA hosted the AASH Western Regional meeting.  As our Saturday concluded at Forest Ridge a beautiful mass was hosted in the chapel.  The music was especially meaningful as Forest Ridge alumna Annette (Sam) Nalle Kauffman sang a song that she recently composed in honor of Mater.  Below are the lyrics and in Sam's own words the inspiration for the song.  Sam Kauffman says she will record her tribute to Mater in 2013 so be sure to check back for updates by clicking on Sam's website.


What are you thinking Mater – 
Your eyes looking down in a morning prayer.
Do you still hear the sound of angel voices –
Can you hear the sound of angel wings?

God’s light shines through you, O favored one.
And you reflect all of the glory of the Lord.
Your soul rejoices in God your Savior –
In God your Savior.

What are you thinking Mater?
Your eyes looking down in an evening prayer.
Are you thinking of the child to come –
Emmanuel – the Messiah.

Do you see the sword that will pierce your heart?
And do you see the many roads that you will walk?
Do you see a cross upon a lonely hill?
And can you see Resurrection?
Oh, can you see into the Resurrection?

What are you thinking Mater –
Your eyes looking down in a morning prayer.
Do you still hear the sound of angel voices?
Can you hear the sound of angel wings?

Written by Annette (Sam) Nalle Kauffman ~ alumna of Forest Ridge

"Thinking about my days at Forest Ridge I remember the landing coming up from the school entrance where the statue of Mater sat, except for Advent when the lambs were placed there – by the way my lamb usually missed by one step.

I loved this representation of Jesus’ mother as a young girl, maybe in the temple, contemplating her day with God in prayer her work scattered around her – the book, the distaff and a lily from the garden.

I often thought “What are you thinking Mater?”

When you see a picture of the painting you can’t tell whether the scene is set at dawn or at twilight.

These two observations were the foundation of Mater’s Song.

At this time I am planning on recording Mater’s song and will use a picture of Mater taken on my wedding day as the cover of the album.

It is a Sacred Heart tradition for Sacred Heart brides to place a bouquet of flowers with Mater on their wedding day.  It was also an opportunity for our then semi-cloistered RSCJ’s to see their students, their wedding dresses and meet their husbands.  It was family!

It was something I had looked forward to doing ever since becoming acquainted with the custom and did so on my wedding day.

At Forest Ridge Sr. Virginia McMonagle was always putting me together in some fashion.  It was no different on my wedding day as my husband had stepped on my train.  As we were signing the guest book we have a wonderful picture of Sr. McMonagle re-attaching my train to the back of my wedding dress!  Some things never change."

Mrs. Arthur Kauffman (Annette "Sam" Nalle) alumna of Forest Ridge of the Sacred Heart
picture taken on her Wedding Day in front of Mater Admirabilis

How do you celebrate the Feast of Mater Admirabilis?  Take the poll on the right or tell us in the comment section below.


  1. On the day I received your card celebrating the feast day of Mater I had been sitting in a meeting at Princeton, NJ, and was visiting with a lady I had just met, and as we talked I found that she had gone to school at the Convent in Rochester, NY, and I had attended the Convent on Broadway in San Francisco. We had so much to share! It was a lovely way to celebrate the special day of Mater.

  2. A beautiful way to celebrate indeed! Thank you for sharing! MER