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Monday, September 12, 2011

Announcement from the Canadian Provincial Team

I received the following letter (see below) from the Canadian Provincial Team via email on Friday and a copy of it will be sent to all alums today via an Email blast.  As the discussions and collaboration process unfolds, I will continue to keep all of the AASH community updated.  Your prayers as this process begins are most appreciated. 

I have also been in communication today with Pam Snyder, AMASC President and she writes that she and many members of the AMASC board plan to attend the upcoming CASHA Conference on October 28th in Montreal. I plan to attend and encourage all alumnae/i to consider joining us in beautiful Montreal!  


                                                                                                                                    September 9, 2011
Dear U.S. Sacred Heart Alumnae/i,

At Assembly 2009 the Canadian Province began to look at the future of the mission of the Society of the Sacred Heart in Canada.  This was based on the reality of diminishing numbers of Canadian RSCJ and on financial realism, along with a strong commitment to the future of the mission of the Society in Canada.  In autumn 2009 the Provincial Council named a Futuring Committee to lead the Province in a futuring process. Their goal was to:

…lead a discernment process for the strategic planning of new ways of organizing ourselves in the areas of governance and leadership, finances, communities (with a focus on long-term health care needs and assisted living), and all of this for the mission of the Society in our service in the Church.

The Province entered wholeheartedly into this discernment that culminated at Assembly 2011 in two unanimous leanings pointing to clear directions for the future.  On August 20, 2011, with this part of the provincial discernment complete, and in the name of the Canadian Province, the Provincial Council made two decisions:

1.     To close the infirmary at Barat Residence.
2.     To discontinue the Canadian Provincial structure.

These decisions call the Canadian Province to further discernment and planning. A process has begun to ensure the best care possible in public nursing homes for our infirmed sisters. Barat Residence will continue as an assisted living retirement home for Canadian RSCJ who do not need nursing care.  The Canadian Province has asked the USA Province to begin a formal dialogue and discernment about possibilities for collaboration between RSCJ in Canada and the United States with regard to leadership and governance, in the light of life and mission.

We count on your love, prayer and support as we continue the futuring process, trusting in the Spirit who inspired St. Madeleine Sophie to say, “Times change and we must change with them and modify our views.

With love,

The Canadian Provincial Council

Mary Finlayson rscj                      Shelley Lawrence rscj                       Sheila Smith rscj

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