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Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Inspiration for this blog ...2011 Woman of Conscience recipient

Helen Rosenthal, RSCJ was the 2011 Woman of Conscience recipient at our AASH Conference in Miami this past April 2011. For further information on her please read the Winter issue of Esprit de Coeur. Sr. Rosenthal has a daily blog. Without giving away her age, I can tell you that in 1959 (the year I was born!) the Mother General asked her, "Do you love the Lord enough to go on missions for him?" Sr. Rosenthal is well traveled and has a most interesting background and what inspired me most about her was that she has been keeping a daily blog since 2007!!
To read Sr. Rosenthal's blog please click on link below

We met in Miami and I presented her with an orchid corsage that had been sent to me earlier that afternoon by Sacred Heart alums from Barat.

With gratitude Sr. Rosenthal for all you have done and continue to do! You are truly an inspiration!

AASH... and more about MER

I attended my first AASH National Conference in 1991 (New York, NY) and since then have gone to many Regional, National and small alum gatherings all over the United States.

I am a very ardent supporter of all things Sacred Heart and have thoroughly enjoyed the various experiences since graduation that have lead me to meet Sacred Heart alums and RSCJ from all over the World! In this age of technology I hope to use this blog as a means of reaching out to many of our 51,000 alums, as well as, other individuals who have an appreciation for a Sacred Heart education and its rich history.

I was first elected to the AASH board in 2003 and served two consecutive terms as Central Regional Director. I returned to the board in 2009 and served as Vice President. Last April at our 38th Biennial Conference hosted in Miami I was elected President of the Associated Alumnae & Alumni of the Sacred Heart. I feel honored and blessed to have this opportunity to serve on the AASH Board. I look forward to meeting and hearing from you and I most especially hope to see you in 2013 when we will celebrate our 80th year anniversary of the AASH as an association at the 39th Biennial Conference in Omaha from April 10-14th.

Greetings from AASH President 2011-2013

I have been "on the job" as President of AASH for almost one full month. Today, I have decided to take the plunge and start a blog. I hope to keep you updated with current news and events, as well as share my experiences serving as President of the Associated Alumnae & Alumni of the Sacred Heart. Our first board meeting of the biennium was hosted last weekend at the Academy of the Sacred Heart in St. Charles, MO. Margaret Munch, RSCJ took this photo of AASH board members and our new National Office Director at the steps leading up to the front entrance of the school. I will post more on our weekend in St. Charles so be sure to check back!