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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Quote by Janet Erskine Stuart and "Mickie" sings, "Ask Anyone Who Knows"

"Sing, even if there are tears in your heart."

Janet Erskine Stuart RSCJ (1857-1914)
6th Superior General of the Society of the Sacred Heart

"We all go through tough times, and if there's one thing I know I can always turn to, it's music. I was reminded that singing is like praying twice, and I know that I'm praying, and God is listening."                  

                   ~ Mackenzie M., Convent of the Sacred Heart Elementary School, San Francisco, California

The above quote is taken from the perpetual spiral-bound calendar "The Life Lived" which celebrates the Centenary of Janet Erskine Stuart, RSCJ - (click here to order). And. to order your very own Janet Erskine Stuart Centenary Memorabilia - click here.

The above photo of my mother, Mary "Mickie" Ryan was taken in 1953 at my grandparents' 50th Wedding Anniversary. The song she sings while playing the Organ is "Ask Anyone Who Knows" (Lyrics below) and was recorded at a later date at home.  Her beloved husband Phil died on September 21, 1970 and she happily and finally joined him on August 29, 2014.   

"Ask Anyone Who Knows"

There is no shore without an ocean
Ask anyone who knows
There is no love without devotion
Ask anyone who knows

A dream will stray, lose its way
If it can't come true
Night and day all my dreams
Are so dependent on you

A sigh can mean a sweet beginning
Ask anyone who knows
It's love that keeps the whole world spinning
And heaven only knows

I have no heart when we're apart
It leaves me when you go
And darling if you don't believe me
Ask anyone who knows