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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sacred Heart Third Grader Sums Up Archbishop Lori's new job

Archbishop Lori delivers his first homily as head of the
Archdiocese of Baltimore

Earlier today I recieved an email from a fellow Sacred Heart alumna and it brought a smile to my face. In part the email read, "Archbishop Lori left Bridgeport and is now installed as Archbishop of Baltimore. Joan Magnetti, RSCJ, attended the installation and was most proud when Archbishop Lori at the beginning of his homily with over 2,000 attending, including civil authorities, inter-faith leaders, numerous priests, bishops and cardinals said, "Doesn’t this seem like a good day to reflect on what a bishop does? One answer to that question was given by a third grader at the Convent of the Sacred Heart School in Greenwich, Connecticut on the occasion of one of my visits.
Asked what a bishop does, she enthusiastically put her hand up and said, “He moves diagonally and protects the king!” . . . So now you know! 
The entire Cathedral burst into laughter."

Most Reverend William E. Lori, S.T.D. was installed as Archbishop of Baltimore on May 16, 2012 click here to read the entire homily and see photos.  

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Building of Community... Valoramas

the building of community as a Christian value

When the mission of your company is to give back to the community.  You have a win-win! 
Below is info on a new start up company called Valoramás. During the "Founders2012" promotion the $25 annual membership fee is waived.  You can enjoy savings and know that at the same time you are giving back to the community.  

As the above states, "Schools of the Sacred Heart educate to: the building of community as a Christian value".  Here in Chicago, I met a few of the principal investors and key personnel of Valoramás.  In conversation with the President of Valoramás, I discovered that she had cousins that had attended City House in Missourri during the 1960's.  What a small world!

What I like most about Valoramás is that they are a Latino focused online memberhship club and all members can save, connect and make a difference in the Latino community!  Click here and discover savings with the "Founders2012" promotion

The first Valoramás Community Grant Fund Initiative will end this month!

  I encourage you to join Valoramas  now for a waived fee ($25 value).    

  • Click 'Join Valoramás now' on the right hand side
  • Register and become a member - it's quick and easy!
  • Enter code 'founders2012' and the $25 annual membership is waived
  • No credit card information is needed!
  • Check 'I agree to the Terms and Conditions' and hit 'Enter'
  • Once you register, you'll receive a confirmation email with your login and password information

Below info from their website:
Valoramás is a membership-driven community where you can shop, save, connect, and support the Latino community in the United States.
Valoramás members receive exclusive savings from almost 2,000 popular and trusted online retailers, the best cash back bonuses, and many more exclusive member benefits.
Valoramás gives a significant portion of its revenues to its members and to organizations making a difference in the Latino community.
Every single transaction – from the sale of memberships, to member product purchases via the shopping portion of Valoramás, to advertising revenue and much more – generates funds to help expand possibilities for our members and the Latino community. The more people that join and shop through Valoramás, the more we can build, strengthen and empower our communities.
Your purchases will result in grants that support everything from schools, scholarships, and job training to community centers, the arts, and health care. For more information on Valoramás, please see our Frequently Asked QuestionsMember Benefits, and our Guiding Principles.
Enjoy the savings and become a member before June 1st!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Wishing all a peaceful Memorial Day 2012

Today I wish all a peaceful and relaxing holiday as we remember our veterans and all those who have served our great country.

Below is a prayer that was forwarded to me by Paul Parker, Chair of Sacred Heart Spirituality at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart.


Lord God,
whose days are without end
and whose mercies beyond counting,
keep us mindful
that life is short and the hour of death unknown.

Let your Spirit guide our days on earth
in the ways of holiness and justice,
that we may serve you
in union with the whole Church,
sure in faith, strong in hope, perfected in love.

And when our earthly journey is ended,
lead us rejoicing into your kingdom,
where you live forever and ever.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord,
and let perpetual light shine upon them.

May they rest in peace.

May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed,
through the mercy of God, rest in peace.

from Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers, USCCB Publishing

Maria Shriver Sacred Heart Alumna Gives Commencement Address and Many Reasons to Take Pause

Earlier today while mutlti tasking as usual, I had the television on and was listening to  the Sunday morning news when I heard a familar voice.  My favorite show Meet The Press came on and the guest speaking was none other than one of our very own Sacred Heart alums, Maria Shriver.   I paused long enough to hear her speaking about the recent commencement address she gave at USC's Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism.  Maria's daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger was one of the graduates in the audience.  

After listening to David Gregory interview Maria Shriver, I decided to view and listening to her entire speach.  I am so happy I did as I found her words very profound and moving. Her advise and words are worthy of a repeat here and for the full speech click on the video.  One does not have to be a recent graduate to realize that we all need to stop and pause through out the day.  One of my favorite quotes from her speech, "PAUSE -- and take the time to find out, what’s important to you. Find out what you love, what’s real and true to you -- so it can infuse and inform your work and make it your own."

I also found myself getting a little verklempt as she spoke from the heart and took time to pause and be in awe of the moment in seeing her first born graduate from college.  Maria has every reason to be proud of her daughter.  Katherine Schwarzenegger authored a book in 2010, "Rock What You've Got: Secrets to Loving Your Inner and Outer Beauty from Someone Who's Been There and Back".  I  think that this book sounds like it would make a wonderful graduation gift for a few young ladies that I know.  In Maria Shriver's words: "And finally, remember this: Whenever you're in doubt: PAUSE -- take a moment.  Look at your options -- check your intentions -- have a conversation with your heart and THEN?  Take the high road."

Friday, May 25, 2012

Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat Feast Day Messages

Window of St. Madeleiine Sophie Barat with Child
once located at Barat College now in the Library at
Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart

Novena of confidence to Jesus' Sacred Heart 
through the intercession of St Madeleine Sophie
(composed 100 years ago by a Religious of the Sacred Heart)

Lord Jesus!
Through the intercession of
Saint Madeleine Sophie

To your Sacred Heart I confide

(this intention)
only look...
Then do what your Heart inspires
I count on it...
I trust in it...
I throw myself on its mercy.
Lord Jesus!

You will not fail me.

Wishing all a very Happy Feast of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat today!  

Pam Snyder - AMASC President 2010-2014

Feast Day Wishes from AMASC President

On this day when we remember our Foundress with special honor, it is a pleasure to share with you one of St. M. Sophie’s most celebrated quotations.  

"Go on advancing, you are on the true road. Remember, it is not you who have taken it but God who has placed you there.  Walk trustfully and may nothing in the world be able to dishearten you."

How is it possible that a woman of early 19th century France wrote with such courage?  In Sophie’s era few women would have had the self confidence or the depth of faith to pen those words.

Often ensnared by the Church politics of her day, it took Sophie many years to learn that she could not please everyone.  But her bitter experiences led her to even deeper prayer and from that relationship with God, she gained the confidence to be strong and bold in expressing her ideas. She knew how the Religious ought to be organized and she knew how the Society would best serve the world. 
We alumnae/i enjoy the fruits of Sophie’s vision. Our heritage includes learning how to acquire the wisdom to know “the true road” for us, as well as how to pray.  May all of us who occasionally falter or lose heart be re- inspired by St. M. Sophie’s words.  

On behalf of the Administrative Officers of AMASC,

Pamela Snyder
President, 2010-14

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Woodlands Academy hosts annual Conge

Congé  at Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart

To students and alumnae of the Sacred Heart, the word Congé elicits a smile and shared understanding. Derived from the French word for “play day,” Congé is traditionally an unannounced day of play and fun in the midst of the school year. It is still a part of our Sacred Heart tradition and a day the students anticipate each school year.
In 1972, Woodlands Academy adopted the term Congé for its annual black-tie dinner and fundraiser. The adult community deserved a time of fun and camaraderie, as did the students. Over the years, Congé has become a tradition of community building and celebration that directly benefits students through Live and Silent Auctions and a dinner party. This event has become the school's largest fundraising effort. Attracting more than 200 guests from the Chicago and North Shore area, the event's proceeds are used to directly benefit the student body by enhancing educational programs and funding special projects at the School.

On the last Saturday of April, I was invited to partake in the Congé that Woodlands Academy was hosting at the Glen View Club.  

A highlight of the evening was when Mary Therese Kraft-Williams a 1992 graduate of Woodlands and current member of the WAAA board spoke about her decision to attend Woodlands Academy,  her experiences as a student and finally coming home what it means to be an alumna of the Sacred Heart. "I think back at my time at Woodlands and am amazed at the opportunities and experiences I had, from going on Exchange to Washington DC, to a week long service trip in Appalachia, to multiple leadership roles and of course a couple championship titles. One of which my Dad, aka my coach is very proud of. You'd think he was Coach K.But, what amazes me most as I reflect back on my days at Woodlands, is the environment we were all surrounded by. The various cultures, the tradition, the faculty, the ability to see no boundaries, it is truly unique. And this progressive mentality lives on today, just take a stroll through the science wing or see the flags in the chapel and you cannot help but be proud."  

It was an enjoyable evening and one in which many parents showed their pride by the generous way in which they bid on both the live and silent auction items.

Now the seniors are busy preparing for graduation day on June 7th.   I wish them well!  Perhaps amongst this class will be an alumna like Mary Therese who comes back to speak of her days at Woodlands and what her Sacred Heart education has meant to her.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Prayer Request for Sr. Claude Demoustier, RSCJ

Claude Demoustier, RSCJ

Dear Sacred Heart Family -

Please keep Sr. Claude Demoustier, RSCJ in your prayers as she has been diagnosed by her doctors in France with inoperable cancer.  She is very sick and will be returning to the states end of this week.  Sr. Demoustier, has been serving as the Society of the Sacred Heart's Secretary General in Rome.  In the United States, among her many positions, Sr. Demoustier served as Head of Grand Coteau and Woodlands Academy and also as Director of Students at Villa Duchesne.  

Send correspondence to her at:
Sr. Claude Demoustier, RSCJ
Oakwood Community
140 Valparaiso Avenue
Atherton, CA 94027-4403

As alums we are invited to join in prayer with the Society of the Sacred Heart’s “Novena of Confidence.”

Lord Jesus, through the intercession of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat and St. Rose Philippine Duchesne, to Your Sacred Heart, I confide Sr. Demoustier.  Only look.  Then, do what Your Heart desires. Let Your Heart decide. I count on it.  I trust in it.  I throw myself at Its mercy.  Lord Jesus, You will not fail me.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day - Celebrating Sacred Heart Alum Mother's and their Daughters

Photos taken at Duchesne Omaha Reunion Weekend  ~ June 2011

Quiet Conversations with Your Daughters (2002)

"Yesterday's Mother-Daughter event began in prayer.  The daughters asked that God continue to bless their mother's...
" ...with joy, love, laughter and pride in their children."
The mother's asked that their daughters be blessed with...

"a love that grows wider and deeper, and a knowledge and perception to recognize what is best." 
This exchange points to the profound responsibilities we adults have to your daugthers.  It falls to us to inspire in them a profound sense of hope that is rooted in the reality of their experiencing genuine relationship.

Given the increasing reliance on electronic modes of communication such as texting and Facebook, we need to model how one engages in mutual respectful love.  Such love is rooted in active listening.  By active, I mean that quality of listening that occurs only if one's mind is silent long enough  to hear what dreams, ideas and hopes the younger persons are expressing.  It is equally true they need to know your hopes, dreams and insights.  In such exchanges your daughters experience the reality of legacy.  Family legacy is essential to young people; as they move forward into the future. Please remember the essential need your daughters have at all ages to experience the values in which your families believe.  Quiet conversations about the different choices you face can help your daughters draw deeply from the legacy of your families.

Such conversations help your daughters recognize the values of their school. Sacred Heart is another legacy from which your daughters draw.  While they have daily opportunities to learn the values of this legacy, we recognize the need to afford you, as parents, moments designed specifically for you to learn and explore the values of the Sacred Heart education.  We know these values first attracted you to Carrollton.  We hope all the parent-daughter events are such opportunities."

Taken from: "THE SACRED HEART EXPERIENCE, A Collection of Messages From the Headmistress (Red Envelope -2001-2011)"  copyright 2011 Suzanne Cooke, RSCJ

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sheridan Road / Hardey Prep Alumni Reunion 2012

Photos taken after the Reunion Liturgy at Sheridan Road 

Oh what a wonderful day I had attending the Alumni Liturgy and Luncheon for Sacred Heart Schools Chicago aka Sheridan Road on Saturday, April 21st!  The highlight for me was meeting Fr. Patrick Dorsey, SJ.  who had four Aunts enter the Society of the Sacred Heart in the 20th century. The "Dorsey Sisters",  Viola, Mabel, Marion and Elvira were well known in the Chicagoland area.  I hope to write more about them in a future blog.   

Nat Wilburn, Head of Schools welcomed all in attendance and had this to say; 
"Welcome back to Sheridan Road…it is my privilege this morning on behalf of 703 students, parents,  faculty, administration, Board of Trustees, and the Religious of the Sacred Heart to welcome you back among our/your community of Sacred Heart.  For many of you, this is the first time you have been back here in our restored chapel.  Students gather here in their divisions every week for a chapel service or mass.   Religion teachers use it throughout the week, and staff, faculty, parents and administrators are nourished often here with a moment of quiet reflection.   Our chapel is, as it was in the original school building, at the center of everything we do.    It is so fitting that we begin our weekend together here.
There are many reasons for us to celebrate in reunion this weekend, but as we gather for this liturgy I would like us to remember one of the core beliefs we hold tight from the teachings of St. Madeleine Sophie.   Each of us believes that children have something to give world.  And it is our mission, just as it was when St. Madeleine Sophie founded the Order to educate each child to give back, to transform the world.   Every one of over 100 faculty and staff understand that one of our primary roles as Sacred Heart educators is to help each and every student know that it is his/her responsibility to make the world a better place.
For 136 years, Sacred Heart School has been working at that mission here in Chicago.  And each of you, like all our graduates for those 136 years, has learned that she/he has something to give the world.  So before all the other celebrations, congratulations, and memories begin, I say thank you.   Thank you for being back among us.  Your presence here is a testimony of your ongoing commitment to the mission of Sacred Heart.    While this weekend will be nourishing for you, it is very nourishing for those of us working here as well.  You are a model of the effect our education has in the world.  And your on-going relationship with us is very, very precious to our continued work.  
I want to especially welcome back our graduates of 1962 who this year celebrate their 50 year reunion.”  

Editor's note:  The Reunion Mass was hosted on Saturday, April 21st - and I apologize for getting the photos on line so late.  MER :)