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Monday, April 21, 2014

"Olive Tree" A Poem by Danielle Moragne, SHP'13

Photos taken July 2013 during the Society of the Sacred Heart Spirituality Forum hosted at
Sacred Heart Schools ~ Atherton, Calf  near Oakwood, the RSCJ Retirement Community

Olive Tree

Some friendly souls
stretched out in a line before me.
I stepped to the side,
so that I could see every outline
of the olive trees.

The hint of metal on 
their leaves,
like the moon's silvery reflection
on the deep and dark lake waters,
from the lush greens
I was used to.

The smooth covering of sky
peeking through the leaves
only added to my longing
to capture this individualism
in a jar
to try to save it for later.

I want to save the bird rehearsing on
the top branch,
the feeling of antiquity
and simple joy
as I step on the fallen olives.
I wanted to save it
for a dull day of inquiring beauty.

~ Danielle Moragne, SHP'13

Note:  Olive Harvest at Sacred Heart Schools - Over 50 heritage olive trees estimated to be more than 100 years old line the campus along its western border on Elena Avenue.  Since 2009, the School community has come together in early November to harvest the olives from the trees.  The fruit is then pressed into a premium olive oil, bottled and sold as a fundraiser.  Dr. Stewart Slafter oversees the organic management practices of the grove so that the trees produce healthy fruit in time for the harvest.  The education of learning how to manage the trees, produce a high quality olive oil, discover what makes an olive oil extra virgin and what factors affect its taste are all part of the lessons learned for both the students and adults to appreciate the entire process from tree to table.  

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