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Friday, May 25, 2012

Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat Feast Day Messages

Window of St. Madeleiine Sophie Barat with Child
once located at Barat College now in the Library at
Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart

Novena of confidence to Jesus' Sacred Heart 
through the intercession of St Madeleine Sophie
(composed 100 years ago by a Religious of the Sacred Heart)

Lord Jesus!
Through the intercession of
Saint Madeleine Sophie

To your Sacred Heart I confide

(this intention)
only look...
Then do what your Heart inspires
I count on it...
I trust in it...
I throw myself on its mercy.
Lord Jesus!

You will not fail me.

Wishing all a very Happy Feast of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat today!  

Pam Snyder - AMASC President 2010-2014

Feast Day Wishes from AMASC President

On this day when we remember our Foundress with special honor, it is a pleasure to share with you one of St. M. Sophie’s most celebrated quotations.  

"Go on advancing, you are on the true road. Remember, it is not you who have taken it but God who has placed you there.  Walk trustfully and may nothing in the world be able to dishearten you."

How is it possible that a woman of early 19th century France wrote with such courage?  In Sophie’s era few women would have had the self confidence or the depth of faith to pen those words.

Often ensnared by the Church politics of her day, it took Sophie many years to learn that she could not please everyone.  But her bitter experiences led her to even deeper prayer and from that relationship with God, she gained the confidence to be strong and bold in expressing her ideas. She knew how the Religious ought to be organized and she knew how the Society would best serve the world. 
We alumnae/i enjoy the fruits of Sophie’s vision. Our heritage includes learning how to acquire the wisdom to know “the true road” for us, as well as how to pray.  May all of us who occasionally falter or lose heart be re- inspired by St. M. Sophie’s words.  

On behalf of the Administrative Officers of AMASC,

Pamela Snyder
President, 2010-14


  1. When is St. Madeleine's feast day? I need to know. Please. Respond to me.

  2. Today (May 25, 2015) is the 150th anniversary of Madeleine Sophie Barat's death. Happy Feast Day dear #Sophie150