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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day - Celebrating Sacred Heart Alum Mother's and their Daughters

Photos taken at Duchesne Omaha Reunion Weekend  ~ June 2011

Quiet Conversations with Your Daughters (2002)

"Yesterday's Mother-Daughter event began in prayer.  The daughters asked that God continue to bless their mother's...
" ...with joy, love, laughter and pride in their children."
The mother's asked that their daughters be blessed with...

"a love that grows wider and deeper, and a knowledge and perception to recognize what is best." 
This exchange points to the profound responsibilities we adults have to your daugthers.  It falls to us to inspire in them a profound sense of hope that is rooted in the reality of their experiencing genuine relationship.

Given the increasing reliance on electronic modes of communication such as texting and Facebook, we need to model how one engages in mutual respectful love.  Such love is rooted in active listening.  By active, I mean that quality of listening that occurs only if one's mind is silent long enough  to hear what dreams, ideas and hopes the younger persons are expressing.  It is equally true they need to know your hopes, dreams and insights.  In such exchanges your daughters experience the reality of legacy.  Family legacy is essential to young people; as they move forward into the future. Please remember the essential need your daughters have at all ages to experience the values in which your families believe.  Quiet conversations about the different choices you face can help your daughters draw deeply from the legacy of your families.

Such conversations help your daughters recognize the values of their school. Sacred Heart is another legacy from which your daughters draw.  While they have daily opportunities to learn the values of this legacy, we recognize the need to afford you, as parents, moments designed specifically for you to learn and explore the values of the Sacred Heart education.  We know these values first attracted you to Carrollton.  We hope all the parent-daughter events are such opportunities."

Taken from: "THE SACRED HEART EXPERIENCE, A Collection of Messages From the Headmistress (Red Envelope -2001-2011)"  copyright 2011 Suzanne Cooke, RSCJ

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