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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Building of Community... Valoramas

the building of community as a Christian value

When the mission of your company is to give back to the community.  You have a win-win! 
Below is info on a new start up company called Valoramás. During the "Founders2012" promotion the $25 annual membership fee is waived.  You can enjoy savings and know that at the same time you are giving back to the community.  

As the above states, "Schools of the Sacred Heart educate to: the building of community as a Christian value".  Here in Chicago, I met a few of the principal investors and key personnel of Valoramás.  In conversation with the President of Valoramás, I discovered that she had cousins that had attended City House in Missourri during the 1960's.  What a small world!

What I like most about Valoramás is that they are a Latino focused online memberhship club and all members can save, connect and make a difference in the Latino community!  Click here and discover savings with the "Founders2012" promotion

The first Valoramás Community Grant Fund Initiative will end this month!

  I encourage you to join Valoramas  now for a waived fee ($25 value).    

  • Click 'Join Valoramás now' on the right hand side
  • Register and become a member - it's quick and easy!
  • Enter code 'founders2012' and the $25 annual membership is waived
  • No credit card information is needed!
  • Check 'I agree to the Terms and Conditions' and hit 'Enter'
  • Once you register, you'll receive a confirmation email with your login and password information

Below info from their website:
Valoramás is a membership-driven community where you can shop, save, connect, and support the Latino community in the United States.
Valoramás members receive exclusive savings from almost 2,000 popular and trusted online retailers, the best cash back bonuses, and many more exclusive member benefits.
Valoramás gives a significant portion of its revenues to its members and to organizations making a difference in the Latino community.
Every single transaction – from the sale of memberships, to member product purchases via the shopping portion of Valoramás, to advertising revenue and much more – generates funds to help expand possibilities for our members and the Latino community. The more people that join and shop through Valoramás, the more we can build, strengthen and empower our communities.
Your purchases will result in grants that support everything from schools, scholarships, and job training to community centers, the arts, and health care. For more information on Valoramás, please see our Frequently Asked QuestionsMember Benefits, and our Guiding Principles.
Enjoy the savings and become a member before June 1st!

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