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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sr. Helen McHugh, RSCJ dies at Oakwood community

Helen McHugh, RSCJ
Sr. Virginia Rodee, RSCJ writes to alums who attended schools and/or live in the West coast...

Dear Sacred Heart Alumnae/i,

You will be saddened to know that Sr. Helen McHugh, RSCJ, died at Oakwood, the Society of the Sacred Heart’s Retirement Center in Atherton, on December 30.  Her funeral and burial will take place on January 5 at Oakwood.    
Sr. McHugh served in many Sacred Heart Schools including the Convent of the Sacred Heart, El Cajon as Director of Studies.  She also taught at the San Francisco College for Women, and in 1965 began teaching at the University of San Diego where she was professor of English.  During these years Sr. McHugh served  both as chair of the English department and the fine arts department.    Many of you will remember the Founder’s Tale, the book she wrote about Mother Rosalie Hill and the founding of the University of San Diego.  Sr. McHugh also was visiting professor at the University of the Sacred Heart in Tokyo, Japan, and  in 1998 was honored with an International Education Award from the Japan Society of San Diego and Tijuana. 
There will be a Mass celebrated for Sr. McHugh at USD in February when the faculty returns.  Her obituary is attached.
Virginia Rodee, RSCJ

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