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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sprout Creek Farm - Labor Day Weekend Sale!!

This past weekend, I received the Sprout Creek Farm newsletter from Margo Morris, RSCJ. The pictures you see below were taken shortly after Hurricane Irene struck the East coast.  For those that attended the 2011 AASH Conference in Miami you may recall the delicious cheese in the hospitality / boutique room - it was from Sprout Creek Farm! Why not treat yourself to some delicious cheese this weekend!  Wishing all a very safe and enjoyable Labor Day holiday!  

Sprout Creek Farm
Oh Irene, We Thought We Knew Ya'.

At this very moment, Irene sustains her tantrum sending sheets of rain to douse the already saturated land, continues to threaten floods and snap a few brawny boughs over the power lines. But though it seems too soon to cheer, it does appear that Irene is losing her girth and her heft. She hasn't the wind to fuel her temper as she did earlier. In just a few more hours we hope to whisper,

"Good night, Irene".

 We know some of you id not fare as well as we did.  Be assured of our thoughts and prayers in the days ahead.

An earthquake began the week and a hurricane ends it here on the east coast, but in between, a very sweet event took place that makes us happy and proud. Sprout Creek Farm participated in the Dutchess County Fair dairy heifer competition and our 4 heifers each placed and won a ribbon. Even more impressive, due to the compelling interaction of our staff with thousands of fair-goers throughout the week, we won the Herdsmanship Award. This is awarded to those who educate the public, have informative and attractive printed materials, displays and signage, who keep their animals and all surrounding areas clean and presentable to the public. Apparently, there are judges who roam the many animal barns incognito for the duration of the Fair and base their decision on many passes through each of the barns. Best of all, the MC at the judge's stand in the show ring, gave Sprout Creek Farm kudos for our educational programs specifically designed for youth. Are we happy? You betcha'.


Labor Day weekend is just around the bend. "God willin' an' the creek don' rise", we have a little something to make your weekend a bit more memorable.

With your purchase of one half pound tub of our clean, fresh, tangy and spreadable goat cheese called Doe Re Mi, you get a second tub at half price. That's a full pound of goat cheese for just $12. What can you do with it?
  1. Spread it on a bagel with lox, prosciutto, herbs, scallions, roasted red peppers, tomatoes, etc.
  2. Put several small dollops atop an omelet or frittata just before serving.
  3. Layer with pesto - basil, parsley, artichoke, etc. and serve with crisps.
  4. Crumble onto a roasted beet, sautéed walnut, and sliced peach salad --- a little balsamic vinegar and walnut oil helps to connect the flavors.
  5. Instead of sour cream, top your hot chili soup with it, or spoon a little onto your pasta puttanesca.
  6. Put a layer of herbed Doe Re Mi in the middle of a hamburger patty or meatloaf. Yes, really.

Keep this in mind: we call Doe Re Mi "the cheese that refuses NOTHING" for a reason. Come. Get it. Find out why.

Our offer of 2 tubs or a whole pound for $12 holds Thursday, September 1st through Sunday, September 4th.

***Fall market hours beginning now: Wednesday through Saturday 10AM to 6PM. Sunday 10AM to 4PM.


  Sprout Creek Farm is a charitable not-for-profit organization dedicated to education, using as context agriculture and the environment.  We thank you for your continued support.    
Sprout Creek Farm
34 Lauer Rd.
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
845-485-8438 (main office)
845-485-9885 (market & creamery) 
845-454-6158 (fax)

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