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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Photo Highlights from the Summertime Congé hosted in Chicago

Congé (kŏn'jē) translated from the French meaning: 1. Formal or authoritative permission to depart; 2. An abrupt dismissal; and for most children of the Sacred Heart a day filled with fun and no classes!

This past Thursday evening all alums living in the Chicagoland area were invited to a Summertime Congé that was hosted by Sacred Heart Schools Chicago and the Sheridan Road Alumni Association at the Erie Cafe which is owned by Hardey Alums!  Yes, it was a wonderful evening to network and make new friends as you can see from my postcard highlights! Many thanks to the school and Sheridan Road Alumni Association for hosting such a fun evening filled with delicious food and prizes! Remember you are always welcome at a Sacred Heart school and I encourage you to visit the website of the school near you and check out the upcoming events in your area!

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