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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Sacred Heart Alums and Friends of the IHMA view Hildreth Meière's commissions in Washington, D.C.

Clockwise: National Academy of Sciences (book and inside); Hilly Dunn, Michele Finn,
MER, Ginny Coudert, Liz Leckie, and Louise Meiere Dunn; Liz Leckie and Louise Dunn,
Anna Kupik with her grandmother Louise, Anna Kupik with her mother Hilly,
and David Bowers and wife Barbara 

It is hard to believe that over two weeks have passed since I have posted to this blog.  In addition to this post, I have uploaded many photos from my weekend in Washington, D.C. with Sacred Heart Alums and friends of the International Hildreth Meière Association (IHMA) as we toured various spots where Hildreth's commissions can be seen.

On Friday, April 20th (photo above) we gathered at the National Academy of Sciences building to tour Hildreth's first commission, The Main Foyer and Great Hall.

Earlier that afternoon we had an opportunity to view the West Interior Courtyard at the Municipal Center. The exterior frieze in glazed terracotta was commissioned in 1941.

On Saturday, I enjoyed lunch with my college roommate, her two sisters and niece - all Sacred Heart alums!

Saturday afternoon, I went to Georgetown University to learn more about The Art Deco Murals of Hildreth Meière, and to buy the book and get it signed by the authors.  After the audience received a warm welcome by Ismini Lamb, Gregory Nagy and Zoie Lafis we heard from Kathleen Murphy Skolnik as she discussed "Hildreth Meière and the Classical Roots of Art Deco" followed by her co-author, Catherine Coleman Brawer who discussed "Designing Mosaics: Hildreth Meière and the Art of Collaboration".  It was inspiring to hear directly from the authors,  however,  the man of the hour was Antonio (Tony) Schiavo as he discussed "Restoring the Pillars of Herakles".  Tony came out of retirement to oversee the restoration of the panels that he originally worked on with Meière in 1960.

A highlight of the weekend was attending the evening reception at The Center for Hellenic Studies and seeing up close the two side panels that have been lovingly restored to their original beauty.

To view photos taken over the weekend in Washington, DC - click on either this link or the photo on the right side of the blog.
Hildreth Meière, AASH President 1957-1959

Wonderful article printed in the New York Times - If These Walls Could Speak, They'd Say Her Name

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