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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sacred Heart Schools Chicago Celebrates the Feast of Mater Admirabilis with 8th Grade/Alumni Liturgy

Pictured above:  Fr. Mark Bosco, SJ and Hardey Prep 8th graders;
Joey Yao, SRAA President and Carolyn Hall Napelton, Alumni Relations;
Mary Ann Ligon, Head of Lower School and Stephen Puricelli, Head of Middle School
distributing Medals and Ties; smiling 8th graders.

Today, Sacred Heart alums all over the world celebrate the Feast of Mater Admirabilis.  I am grateful for the opportunity to live close enough to three of our Sacred Heart Schools - Sheridan Road, Josephinum and Woodlands.  So today I attended the 8th Grade/Alumni Liturgy hosted at Sacred Heart Schools in Chicago.  

What a treat to witness the 8th grade boys receive their Ties emblazoned with the Hardey Prep crest and the 8th grade girls from the Academy receive their Sacred Heart Medals with red ribbons during mass.  

Prior to mass beginning Nat Wilburn, Head of Schools welcomed Mary Bernstein, RSCJ who serves as a Trustee for the school and  Zhang Yuemin, RSCJ who is visiting from China and currently studying at DePaul University.   Nat then briefly spoke of Pauline Perdrau, the young postulant who painted the fresco of Mater Admirabilis in Rome in 1844.  He remarked at not only the significant number of people who have been touched by Pauline Perdrau's fresco of Mater Admirabilis but more importantly how much devotion has grown from this beautiful image of our Mother Mary over the last two centuries.  

Nat then asked the 8th grade class of 2014 to "leave a trace and do something this year that will distinguish each of you as individuals and your class from all the other eight grade classes that have graduated from Sacred Heart.  Ask yourself as you are wearing your Medals and Ties this year - how am I leaving a trace? Let Pauline Perdrau inspire you!" 

Fr. Mark Bosco, SJ gave a wonderful and upbeat homily based on the Gospel reading "The Parable of the Persistent Widow".  He spoke of the importance of perseverance and having high hopes. Fr. Bosco even used modern technology to get his message across by playing the song "High Hopes" from his iPod!

For me it was truly a wonderful way to celebrate the Feast of Mater!  For your inspiration below is a YouTube video of Frank Sinatra accompanied by young boys and girls singing the song "High Hopes". It is sure to lift your spirits! 

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