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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Collaborating with the RSCJ

Maggie Sieger Kaspura, AASH Interim National Office Director and MER enjoyed
 being with members of the Society and Network of Sacred Heart Schools in St. Charles, MO

Last April, Society of the Sacred Heart U.S. Provincial and AASH Honorary President, Sr. Paula Toner, RSCJ, invited me to attend a collaborative meeting with members of her Provincial Team, as well as incoming Provincial Sr. Barbara Dawson, RSCJ. We met on Sunday, July 8th in St. Charles, Missouri, home of the Shrine of St. Philippine Duchesne.  The participants included Sr. Paula Toner and a few members of her provincial team: Sisters Susan Maxwell, Mary Charlotte Chandler and Mary Kay Hunyady, as well as Sr. Shirley Miller, RSCJ Director of Mission Advancement and Ms. Therese Meyerhoff, Director of Communications and Public Relations for the U.S. Province.  Joining us from the Network of Sacred Heart Schools, Madeleine Ortman, Executive Director and Dr. Joseph Ciancaglini, Chair of the Network Board and Head at 91st Street. 

In mid July, I was invited to attend the Society's Provincial Assembly in St. Louis as one of their constituency collaborators, to be back at the Shrine to attend mass with over 230 RSCJ's and witness the Leadership Blessing Ceremony.  Yesterday, August 1st, Sr. Barbara Dawson and her new Provincial Team began their three year term.  Read more here about the New Leadership Team for the Society of the Sacred Heart, U.S. Province 

As you may know the U.S. Provincial of the Religious of the Sacred Heart serves as the Honorary President of AASH and is an advisor to the Board of Directors.  On behalf of the Alumnae and Alumni of the Sacred Heart, I want to publicly say "thank you" to Sr. Paula Toner RSCJ and her team for their leadership and devotion to all the "children of the Sacred Heart."  Please know that as you prepare to transition into new roles within the Society you will be in our hearts and prayers. 

To our new AASH Honorary President and U.S. Provincial, Sr. Barbara Dawson, RSCJ and her Provincial Team, Sisters Meg Causey, Sheila Hammond, and Diana Wall, rest assured that the AASH looks forward to continuing our support and promotion of the various ministries served by our beloved Society.

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