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Thursday, July 19, 2012

US Provincial Assembly Invites Collaborators

The theme Open Hearts transformed by the Spirit 

This afternoon, fellow AASH Board member, Maria Cristinia Garcia, and I will arrive in St. Louis and join approximately 230 RSCJs from all over the US for their Provincial Assembly.   In addition to the two of us representing AASH, I have been told that there will be approximately 24  "collaborators" representing the following constituencies: Associates, Network of Sacred Heart Schools, SHCOG, Vocation Ministry, as well as, Lay members of the Provincial Investment Committee; Finance Committee; and National Development Board.  

And, while the majority of the RSCJs in attendance will be from the US, there will be a few from Canada and other provinces as well.  Of special note is our very own, Sr. Kathleen Conan, Superior General who has traveled from Rome to be here as a member of the Province.  

As a collaborator we were provided with a brief overview of the purpose of an Assembly in the life of the Province.  Below is info provided by the Assembly Steering Committee...

Provincial Assemblies in the Life of the Province

From the Constitutions for the Society of the Sacred Heart #154:

The PROVINCIAL ASSEMBLY, the consultative organ of the province, is a means of:
  •  having a real experience of communion
  •  promoting interchange
  •  sharing experiences and reflections concerning the province
  •  expressing expectations and recommendations to the provincial and her council concerning the orientations of the province
  •  evaluating the progress of the province.
 The provincial, with the help of her council, will make sure that the whole province is involved in this important event in the life of the province. The composition of this assembly is determined by the Provincial Plan of Government.

From the United States Province Government Plan 1999: Members of the provincial community gather for different purposes, such as regional gatherings, ministerial or interest groupings, delegate assemblies, and assemblies of the whole. These assemblies enable members of the Province to foster communion and to discuss topics and concerns relevant to our religious life and ministry.  According to the Constitutions, provincial assemblies should occur at least every three years (Const. 154).  These can take different forms, but their purpose is to ensure co-responsibility.  These complement the Provincial Chapter. 

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