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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

To her sister Euphrosine, Madame Jean-Joseph Jouve

Philippine Duchesne Aboard the 'Rebecca' - undated, oil on panel, 13" x 28",
portrait by Margaret Mary Nealis, R.S.C.J.
location Sacred Heart School in Halifax

December 14, 1817 ~  Mother Duchesne writes to her sister Euphrosine, "I am most grateful to you for your gift and for the good wishes you express for my happiness.  I shall find it always in the accomplishment of God's Will for me, so a change of residence will make no difference.  When I came to Paris I neither expected nor desired to remain here.  I love far more the simplicity of small towns.  Wherever, I may be, I shall always find a way to give you news of myself and to recieve news from you. As yet nothing has been decided. . . Fiat in all!"

Taken from the book:  "Through the Year with Philippine Duchesne"

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