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Friday, June 12, 2015

Feast of the Sacred Heart: Prayer by St. Madeleine Sophie Barat

Sacred Heart of Jesus 
originally in front of Old Main - Barat College Campus
Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart - Lake Forest, IL

Prayer to the Sacred Heart

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I come to Thee because Thou art my only refuge, my only but certain hope.  Thou art the comfort for all my sufferings, the remedy for all my miseries, the reparation for all my losses, the expiation for all my faults, the supplement for all that is wanting to me, the certainty for all my demands, the infallible source, for me and for all, of light, strength, benediction, constancy and peace.  I am sure that Thou wilt not weary of me, that Thou wilt not cease to love me, to aid and protect me, because Thou lovest me with an infinite love.  Have mercy on me, then, according to Thy great mercy, and do with me, and in me, whatsoever Thou wilt.  I abandon myself to Thee, with full confidence that Thou wilt never abandon me.  Amen

Taken from Special Devotions Compiled for the Children of the Sacred Heart

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