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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Concepción (Concha) Camacho, RSCJ Dies in Spain

Concepción (Concha) Camacho, RSCJ
December 30, 1927 - February 2, 2014
Thirteenth Superior General of the Society of the Sacred Heart

 "The contemplative outlook consists in looking with the heart, into the heart. 
It is an attitude of life that takes over the whole being: 
intelligence, heart, feelings, will, to make it attentive to God's love and prompt to respond to it."

Concha Camacho RSCJ, 1980
  Thirteenth Superior General of the Society of the Sacred Heart (1970-1982)

Editors Note:  I met Sr. Camacho in the spring of 1980 went she came to Barat College. Knowing so little then about the Society, all I can say is she left an indelible impression and appeared a very charismatic leader.  May she rest in eternal peace.  For further info - click here

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