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Friday, August 16, 2013

A poem by Anna Mae Marheineke, RSCJ (1917-2013)

Anna Mae Marheineke, RSCJ

Anna Mae Marheineke, RSCJ died peacefully on August 14, 2013 at the Society of the Sacred Heart retirement community (Oakwood) in Atherton, California.  She was born in Missouri on December 27, 1917 to Joseph and Genevieve Kaemmerien Marheineke.  Anna Mae was the oldest of her seven siblings: Kathleen, June, Joseph, Genevieve, John, Mary and James.  All the Marheineke girls would attend the Academy of the Sacred Heart in St. Charles.   Anna Mae entered the Novitiate in Kenwood (Albany, N.Y.) and made her first profession of vows in 1944.  To read her obit and further details on Anna Mae's incredible life go to

Tota Pulchra Es
Like a Rose Plant in Jericho,
  fragrantly fair
and sweet beyond power of telling,
as thy heart, dearest Mother,
where a love song of prayer
in praise of thy wee Son is welling.
Like a Palm Tree in Cades
  brushing the blue,
serene in the silence of morning,
is the peace in thy smile
the long Nazareth days through,
Thy joy their bright hours adorning.
Like a Cypress on Sion,
  steadfast and still,
Thy courage and calm we would borrow;
for Thy love, Queen of Martyrs,
has been oned with God'd will,
made strong with a strength born of sorrow.
From The Collected Poems of Anna Mae Marheineke, RSCJ

Note:  If you wish to purchase a copy of Sr. Marheineke's collection of poems look under the heading on the right "Books by Sacred Heart Alum Authors" and click on the link to her book.


  1. Mother Marheineke was a truly remarkable person. Her boundless capacity for kindness and generosity touched everyone who knew her. It truly was impossible not to love her. I will never forget her from all the years I worked in St.Charles. Mother also had a very light hearted side. I still remember her riding the motorscooter. I miss her dearly and may God grant that I never forget her all the days of my life.

    1. Mark, thank you for sharing. While I never had an opportunity to personally get to know Sr. Marheineke, I have found her book of poetry very inspiring!