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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sacred Heart Schools Chicago - Honors Joanne Barranco Steenveld, ASH '56

Sacred Heart Reunion Liturgy Celebrant: Fr. George Lane, SJ 

Sacred Heart Schools Chicago hosted its annual Reunion Liturgy and Luncheon at its Sheridan Road campus on Saturday, April 20.  Fr. George Lane, SJ celebrated mass and, during his homily, he noted that he too has a long history with Sacred Heart education.  Fr. Lane's mother, Jewel Kenny Lane, was a 1925 graduate from the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Lake Forest, aka Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart.  The oldest of seven children, Fr. Lane told us that he and his brothers all attended Loyola, and his two sisters are alumna of Sheridan Road.  The family grew up in St. Gertrude's parish.  Fr. Lane spoke of his appreciation for all that his mother had done for him as a young boy and how humbly she once remarked that any mother would do the same for her children.  An "attitude of gratitude" was the theme of his homily; stressing how important it is to recognize that everything is a gift.   It was truly a day filled with many gifts and blessings. Alums from the classes of 1951 to 1993 gathered for the annual Reunion Liturgy and Luncheon.  The food was scrumptious!  The program was prepared and presented by the Staff and members of the SRAA Board. Many thanks to Kathy Fivelson, Parent and Alumni Relations Director; Sophie Streeter, Parent and Alumni Relations Associate; newly hired Alumni Relations Associate, Carolyn Hall Napleton A'00; all the SRAA Board Members: especially President, Kwaben Komai A'83, and President Elect, Joey Yao H'88. 

Joanne Barranco Steenveld, ASH '56 – 2013 Recipient of the Catherine I. Seiker, RSCJ Award –  expressed gratitude for the honor bestowed upon her.  SRAA President Elect Joey Yao introduced "Mrs. Steenveld," one of his Hardey Prep teachers who had a very positive influence in his Sacred Heart education. Kwaben Komai and Joey then presented her with a statue of Mater.  Joanne, who was surrounded by many classmates from Sheridan Road and Barat College – as well as friends and family – held up the beautiful statue and said, “Today is "Prize Day" for me.”     Joanne thoughtfully reflected on her Sacred Heart education and her teaching career.  She spoke of Primes and the many occasions she received a card with the word "Bien" written on it. Joanne concluded by expressing gratitude for St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, St. Rose Philippine Duchesne and Mater for her education and the gifts she has received.  To read more about Joanne and the award click here.  

Also, in attendance at the Reunion luncheon was Rosemary O'Neil an alumna of both Sheridan Road '42 and Maryville College '46 and most notably the 2013 Cor Unum recipient from the Central Region at the 39th AASH National Conference hosted in Omaha on April 13.  

It was definitely a day full of gratitude for all things Sacred Heart!

An "Attitude of Gratitude" was evident at the Luncheon 

Primes: Originally the first exercise of the week in a school of the Sacred Heart, Primes was the assembly of students and religious at which judgment on the previous week’s conduct, good or bad, and results of the previous week’s tests were announced. Medals for politeness, for order, and for excellence in various academic subjects were also awarded, to be worn for a particular week. But Primes was also an exercise in poise. Each class was called, formed two by two, and advanced toward what could seem an intimidating group of black-garbed nuns. After forming a semicircle in front of the religious, the class curtseyed and waited for “notes” to be read. A card imprinted Tres Bien signified “very good” in behavior; a card with Bien meant “good;” a card with Assez Bien meant “good enough,” or rather “not good enough.” If a student was not bien at all, she did not receive a card, simply an oral report of “no notes,” a judgment to be dreaded. A student was expected to answer with graciousness and dignity any comment or question of Reverend Mother. This weekly practice has been replaced with monthly/quarterly, annual assemblies.
Prize Day: Sometimes referred to simply as “Prizes,” Prize Day brings a formal end to the school year in some Sacred Heart schools. Students are recognized for their academic achievements throughout the year and, in some schools, for character formation. The school community comes together for a formal assembly to distribute the prizes. In former days, the prizes usually consisted of books; now the prize can often be a certificate or award recognizing specific achievement. From the youngest to the oldest, the students are taught to accept awards graciously and to applaud the skills and talents of others. This practice continues in most of our schools today. In some schools the term Prize Day has been replaced with “Sacred Heart Awards” or some other title.

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