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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mother Duchesne writes to Mother Barat

Note: Mother Duchesne's niece was Euphrosine Jouve
who entered and took the name
Mother Aloysia Jouve, RSCJ

June 30, 1821 ~ Mother Duchesne writes to Mother Barat, "The more I reflect on the graces I have received, the more they astonish me and make me tremble.  Among them I prize most of all that of belonging to our loved Society, and I brought Aloysia into it, also.  May her merits repair my faults. (The saintly Mother Aloysia Jouve* died at Sainte Marie on January 21, 1821).

Euphrosine Jouve aka Mother Aloysia

Taken from the book: Through the Year with Philippine Duchesne

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