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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Biking & Hiking Retreats Organized by RSCJ

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This afternoon I had the opportunity to speak to Sr. Diane Roche, RSCJ about the upcoming Spirituality Retreats that she and Sr. Mary Pat White, RSCJ have planned for this spring and summer. Below is further info.  If you should be a participant at any of these upcoming retreats, please be sure to take photos and send them along with commentary on your experience to the AASH National Office and if you have participated before, please write a comment below.  

Wishing all a blessed Easter season!  

Spirituality in Nature: Four Retreats Planned for 2012

Prayer for Discernment
Loving God, holder of my days, I know that I am destined for a great mission in life.
There is some special work in the world which will remain undone unless I do it.
There is some place in life which will remain unfilled unless I fill it.
Help me to discern what my gifts are and give me the generosity to use them to benefit others.
Guide me in your ways that I may know with confidence that the gifts you have given me, if used well, will bring new life and blessing into the world.
Then I will fulfill the great dreams you have for me.
Empower me with the assurance that I am your beloved daughter, that I am truly anointed by you Spirit to act with Justice and compassion.
Show me how to live out my mission to be, truly, your Love, your Heart, in a suffering world.

(Based on words of Mother Janet Erskine Stuart, former Superior General of the Society of the Sacred Heart)

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