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Thursday, March 15, 2012

On the Ides of March 1819 - Mother Duchesne writes to her niece, Mother Contance Jouve, R.S.C.J.

Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne
banner as seen at Villa Duchesne/Oak Hill School
March 15, 1819 ~ Mother Duchesne writes to her niece, Mother Constance Jouve, R.S.C.J. "I have been slow about answering your letter, but I love you none the less.  At such a great distance from each other we can meet often only in the divine Heart of Jesus.  How greatly you should love Him, now that He has shown you the extent of His love for you in the grace of your First Communion! Treasure always the fruits of this wonderous act and never be ungrateful to Our Lord.  I love you tenderly in the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Philippine"

Taken from the book:  "Through the Year with Philippine Duchesne"

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