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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Patricia Reiss, RSCJ shares her thoughts on the future of former Barat College Old Main building

Sr. Patricia Reiss, RSCJ speaking in front of the Old Main building at the
Barat College  Commencement Exercises circa 1980's
Monday evening, the Lake Forest City Council hosted its monthly meeting.  On their agenda the property of the former Barat College campus.  The city council was asked to consider a recommendation from the Historic Preservation Commission to deny a request to amend the Lake Forest Historic District to remove Old Main, located on Barat Campus from the Historic District. After much discussion, the city council members voted 7-1 in favor of a wrecking ball to demolish the Old Main an American Colonial Revival style building built by Egan & Prindeville which has become a landmark for generations of Lake Forest residents since 1904.  The vote Monday evening ended the debate as to whether the building has reached its life expectancy and should be allowed to be demolished or should millions be raised and pumped into its interior all for the sake of preservation. 

Sr. Patricia Reiss, RSCJ an alumna from the class of 1957 who returned to Barat College as a religious and lived on the campus for 37 years stated the facts most eloquently when she stated at the city council meeting,  "Institutions, like people, have life spans. I passionately urge you to approve Woodlands' application leading to the demolition of Old Main - my home - so that the fullness of this gift to the Academy of the Sacred Heart may be realized." 

Lake Forest City Council Meeting ~ November 7, 2011

The video above demonstrates the passionate response from both sides on this very important topic.

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