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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Celebrating National Poetry Month with Favorite Poems Authored by Sacred Heart Alums and RSCJ

In 1996 the Academy of American Poets inaugarated April as National Poetry Month.  So throughout this month I will showcase poetry authored by Sacred Heart alums and RSCJ.  To start off the month, I have selected a well known poem that was written by Mother Stuart.  This year we celebrate the Centenary of Janet Erskine Stuart 's death through October 21, 2014.  Click here for further info.


Spirit seeking light and beauty,
   Heart that longest for thy rest,
Soul that askest understanding,
   Only thus can ye be blest.

All the joy and all the fairness
   Fade away from earth's delight
By the steadfast contemplation
   Of the glory out of sight.

Through the vastness of creation
   Though your restless thought may roam,
God is all that you can long for,
   God is all His creature's home.

Taste and see Him, feel and hear Him,
   Hope and clasp His unseen hand.
Though the darkness seem to hide Him
   Faith and love can understand.

God, who loves all Thy creatures,
   All our hearts are known to Thee,
Lead us through the land of shadows
   To They blest eternity!

 Written by Janet Erskine Stuart, RSCJ
Sixth Superior General of the Society of the Sacred Heart (1857 -1914)

The above poem was taken from the book The Fable of the Ugly Duckling from Highways and By-Ways in the Spiritual Life by Janet Erskine Stuart (Longmans, Green and Co. London 1923)

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