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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

"Coast Live Oak" A Poem by Danielle Moragne, SHP'13

Photo taken July 2013 on the grounds of Sacred Heart Schools ~ Atherton, Calf
near Oakwood, the RSCJ Retirement Community

Coast Live Oak

A trunk
massive, contorted, and gnarled
splits and cuts its way into the sky,
demanding its place in the earth by spreading its roots.
Thick at first, then wean away,
like capillaries.

Though native only to the
Golden Coast,
the wide canopy,
dark leaves, and grand stature 
forge the confidence of a continent,
reminding us that we must respect
what we cannot change, and
that we must praise
that which is
than we.

~ Danielle Moragne, SHP '13

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