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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

December 5, 1933 Prohibition Ends..."A New Holiday Between Thanksgiving and Christmas?"

Set in the 1970s, steeped with research of the bootlegging era, Whiskey Cove portrays the tumultuous times of changing society ruled by the unquenched demand for booze and the law that worked both sides.

Denise Frisino, Forest Ridge '70

Whiskey Cove
Running Wild -  Running Whiskey
Denise Frisino, Forest Ridge 70

Radio Interviews start 

December 5, 2012
5:32 AM (PST) / 8:32 AM (EST)

Michigan’s Morning Show with Steve Gruber and Jo Anne Paul
which is syndicated across 16 stations will feature Denise and her topic
“A New Holiday Between Thanksgiving and Christmas?

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Listen to the Interview LIVE click here

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