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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sheridan Road / Hardey Prep Alumni Reunion 2012

Photos taken after the Reunion Liturgy at Sheridan Road 

Oh what a wonderful day I had attending the Alumni Liturgy and Luncheon for Sacred Heart Schools Chicago aka Sheridan Road on Saturday, April 21st!  The highlight for me was meeting Fr. Patrick Dorsey, SJ.  who had four Aunts enter the Society of the Sacred Heart in the 20th century. The "Dorsey Sisters",  Viola, Mabel, Marion and Elvira were well known in the Chicagoland area.  I hope to write more about them in a future blog.   

Nat Wilburn, Head of Schools welcomed all in attendance and had this to say; 
"Welcome back to Sheridan Road…it is my privilege this morning on behalf of 703 students, parents,  faculty, administration, Board of Trustees, and the Religious of the Sacred Heart to welcome you back among our/your community of Sacred Heart.  For many of you, this is the first time you have been back here in our restored chapel.  Students gather here in their divisions every week for a chapel service or mass.   Religion teachers use it throughout the week, and staff, faculty, parents and administrators are nourished often here with a moment of quiet reflection.   Our chapel is, as it was in the original school building, at the center of everything we do.    It is so fitting that we begin our weekend together here.
There are many reasons for us to celebrate in reunion this weekend, but as we gather for this liturgy I would like us to remember one of the core beliefs we hold tight from the teachings of St. Madeleine Sophie.   Each of us believes that children have something to give world.  And it is our mission, just as it was when St. Madeleine Sophie founded the Order to educate each child to give back, to transform the world.   Every one of over 100 faculty and staff understand that one of our primary roles as Sacred Heart educators is to help each and every student know that it is his/her responsibility to make the world a better place.
For 136 years, Sacred Heart School has been working at that mission here in Chicago.  And each of you, like all our graduates for those 136 years, has learned that she/he has something to give the world.  So before all the other celebrations, congratulations, and memories begin, I say thank you.   Thank you for being back among us.  Your presence here is a testimony of your ongoing commitment to the mission of Sacred Heart.    While this weekend will be nourishing for you, it is very nourishing for those of us working here as well.  You are a model of the effect our education has in the world.  And your on-going relationship with us is very, very precious to our continued work.  
I want to especially welcome back our graduates of 1962 who this year celebrate their 50 year reunion.”  

Editor's note:  The Reunion Mass was hosted on Saturday, April 21st - and I apologize for getting the photos on line so late.  MER :)

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