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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

María Josefa Bultó, RSCJ (1905-2011) has died at the age of 106

María Josefa Bultó, RSCJ

María Josefa Bultó, RSCJ who served as the 11th Superior General of the Society of the Sacred Heart  died Tuesday evening in Barcelona, Spain.  She was 106 years old.  Mother Bultó is considered to be one of the longest surviving religious in her order. She served as Superior General through three years (1967-1970) of tension and tumultuous adjustment as the Society undertook the implementation of the the changes enacted in 1967.  Mother Bultó  presided over the transition to full participation of the religious in the governance of the Society during a brief, transitional mandate.  Five fundamentals were reaffirmed at the close of Mother Bulto's term: internationally, an educational mission, solidarity with the poor, solidarity with the Third World and community life. 

Superior General, Kathleen Conan, RSCJ writes, "Mother Bultó guided us with grace, understanding and enormous trust that God remains faithful in the midst of great challenges.  It is clear from her writings and letters that her primary concern was to call us to maintain union of hearts and minds at a time of divergent viewpoints concerning the way to live religious life following Vatican Council II.  Over and over in her letters she pleaded with us to move beyond our differences into one much wider vision. We thank God for giving to the Society a leader so well suited for those times, and we are grateful to Mother Bultó for exemplifying and calling us to live our Cor unum et anima una in Corde Jesu."

Mother Bultó, RSCJ wrote to the Society in September 1968: “Love must be real, concrete; we must train ourselves ceaselessly to recognize the presence of Christ in our Sisters…The only way we can learn to love one another truly, courageously, is to abide in the living Christ…For it is truly a matter of giving one’s life, of wearing oneself out in the service of others, of sharing the responsibilities of others, of bearing their burdens.”

Mother Bultó celebrating her 105th birthday September 15, 2010
pictured on the left  Sr. Margarita Bofarull, RSCJ, Provincial of Northern Spain
Today let us pray for Mother Bultó and all of our beloved RSCJ who have passed away.

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  1. I'm her student 40 years ago, I met her in my country Taiwan, she had changed my life with her
    guidance, I love her, I visited her 2-3 times every year, last time I visited her on Nov.4 this
    year, she told me that her life is almost...
    2 weeks later, she came to my dream and said good-bye to me, I waked up, booked ticket to see her (Dec. 5- 9), unfortunately I was very sick since Nov. 29, I couldn't take plane, I called to
    general sister in Sacred Heart, she told me she was in critical condition,I prayed for her, Dec. 9 I got bad news about her, I cried a lot for her, I am really very sad,today Dec. 11, in the morning around 9:00 am. I saw her in the backyard of our Miami House. Mother Bulto: I Love you, I appreciate you, you are always in my heart... I hope to thank to all of sisters in the residence (Barcelona)
    for caring her so much, I keep many letters she wrote me, I really miss her, Loreto Chou