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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day... Remembering Our Sacred Heart Relatives in Roehampton, England

Photos taken by MER during visits to the campus in 2013 and 2014

Today in England at the University of Roehampton a remembrance service was held.  The Society of the Sacred Heart and University officials reached out to the relatives of the deceased whose names are engraved on the long memorial wall that measures approximately 6' high by 37' wide. Students, faculty and staff from Roehampton University were joined by the descendants of the deceased for the short service that included two minutes of silence.  

Dedicated on May 24, 1918 by the Revered W. Roche, SJ, the war memorial is dedicated to 275 men and women who lost their lives during WWI - all relatives of the RSCJ and children who attended the Society of the Sacred Heart Convent.  The school was located on the Digby Stuart College Campus from 1850 till 1945.  While the memorial was originally dedicated in 1918 for those that served in WWI it also commemorates one person from the Boer War,  one person from the Korean War and 11 from WWII.

In collaboration, the University and the Society Archives have taken on the task of trying to trace as many relatives of those honored on the Memorial wall as possible.  They hope to record the stories and create a published account in time to mark the centenary anniversary of the dedication in 2018. 

The Convent of the Sacred Heart was founded in 1842 and originally located in Berrymead, London. In 1850 the Society moved the school to Roehampton.  During the air raids of 1940, part of the buildings on the campus were damaged and towards the end of the war a new location was sought.  The Marden Estate was purchased by the Society of the Sacred Heart on November 27, 1945 and has remained there ever since. 

For further information, please contact Gilly King, History and Heritage Advisor, University of Roehampton. 

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