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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

"Take Up Your Cross" ... Janet Erskine Stuart

Wooden Cross as seen in our
Sacred Heart School of Halifax
"Take up your cross...the cross is different for each one, so we often make the mistake of thinking that we could bear any other better than our own - but our own is the only one we can bear, whether it be our character, our duty, or some suffering; it is the cross that God has portioned out to us, and we must carry it gladly, without hesitation, enthusiastically, even as He did, and He carried both ours and His.  Ours is light in comparison.  Daily... not tomorrow's but today's cross with today's graces and today's opportunities."
Janet Erskine Stuart

Taken from Mother Stuart's Spiritual Writings

Janet Erskine Stuart: Spirituality and Education for the 21st Century
Dates: Wednesday, July 10 - Sunday, July 14
Place: Sacred Heart Schools, Atherton, Calfornia
For further info: click here

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