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Friday, May 17, 2013

Betsy Stahler Fallon WA'94 Receives St. Philippine Duchesne Outstanding Alumna Award at Induction Ceremony

Betsy Stahler Fallon '94 ~  recipient of the
St. Philippine Duchesne Outstanding Alumna Award

The Induction Ceremony began with a warm welcome by Woodlands Academy Alumnae Association President, Marni Soderland Mans, '90  and then fellow WAAA Board members: Pat Colbert, '69; Kamy Moorman Daddono '80 and Molly Keating '95 distributed AASH Passports to Forty-Two young ladies who now become part of their local alumna association, as well as, National (AASH) and International (AMASC) Sacred Heart Alum Associations.

Junior Class President Anne Kotlarz, offered the following tribute "Sisterhood…. by being a part of the Woodlands community, we have been given the grandest sisterhood a young woman can have. This sisterhood started the day we walked into Woodlands freshman year, and will continue for the rest of our lives. Seniors, after today you will have the support of one of the most profound alumnae associations. We have been fortunate enough to hear from numerous alumnae in previous years and each alumna evokes awe and gives us a glimpse of what we all dream to become in the future. The alumnae are also perfect examples of how our Woodlands experiences and the Sacred Heart Network will guide us for the rest of our lives." 

Above top right photo: Past Philippine Duchesne Outstanding Alumna Award recipients M. Julie McKinley, '74 (2012) and  Helen Bruns Ryan, '50 (2009) joined Betsy in front of the Triptych of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat by Mother Margaret Mary Nealis.  

From the WAAA website

Betsy Stahler Fallon graduated from Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart in 1994 and went on to St. Norbert College in Wisconsin and received her Master’s Degree from St. Xavier University in 2005. Betsy lives with her husband, Sean in Chicago. She has taught for nine years in an all-boy classroom at Sheridan Road and was nominated for a Golden Apple in 2011.

Betsy has dedicated herself to Woodlands Academy by serving on the Woodlands Academy Alumnae Association Board for seven years. During her years of dedication to the Alumnae Board, Betsy organized and launched an Alumnae Networking event for young professional alums to connect in Chicago. This event gathered alums in the heart of the city in the middle of February to support each other and Woodlands. This is now an annual event which continues to reconnect Woodlands alums to their Alma Mater. Betsy’s enthusiasm to gather Woodlands alums on campus, in her home, for dinner downtown, at Conge or Reunion is an example of her love of the Sacred Heart mission. Betsy is passionate about single-sex education and speaks nationally and in Canada at workshops about the best strategies for “reaching the male brain in the classroom.”

Betsy has dedicated herself to additional philanthropic activities at Sheridan Road. She has a hands on approach to getting her students involved in service. Her attitude of “many hands make light work” allows her students to understand that though they are young they can make a world of difference. She has her first graders bring in toys they no longer play with to donate to local shelters. Her students also work together to bring in supplies and make lunches for the homeless in the Roger’s Park neighborhood of Chicago.

Betsy’s dedication and commitment to Sacred Heart specifically exemplifies the second and third of the goals and criteria of the Sacred Heart “a deep respect for intellectual values” and “a social awareness which impels to action."

Betsy currently teaches first grade at Hardey Prep.  Betsy said that she and her first grade boys begin each day with the following prayer ~
Dear God, 

Today I will do my best to...
love you,
have fun learning, 
help others, 
be a good friend 
and make wise choices.

To read more of Betsy's inspiring remarks upon receiving the Philippine Duchesne Outstanding Alumnae Award - click here

Above lower left photo:  Nancy Scott Considine, SR'44 was all smiles surrounded by five of her seven daughters and two granddaughters.

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