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Monday, February 11, 2013

Day of Reflection at Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart

In preparation for the Lenten Season, Woodlands Academy of the Sacred Heart Alumnae Association hosted a Day of Reflection on Saturday, February 9th.  The theme chosen was Women of Forgiveness and Reconciliation facilitated by Lyn Osiek, RSCJ.  Sr. Osiek is currently Archivist, U.S. Province, Society of the Sacred Heart and former Professor of Scripture, Catholic Theological Union.  

It was a lovely morning and the experience was shared with a diverse group of women attendees including: mothers of current students; mothers and friends of alumnae; alumnae from as far away as New Jersey and Minnesota; and four RSCJ; Lyn Osiek, Patricia Reiss, Maria Cimperman, and Agnes Chimbayo. 

Sr. Lyn Osiek, RSCJ will be co-conducting a Pilgrimage retreat November 2- 12 with Sister Marianne Race, CSJ - for further details on this trip click here.

Below is a prayer that was in our packet.  

Prayer for the Beginning of Lent

I want, Lord, actually, I need for this to be a good Lent.
I need to start again with you.  I want to be refreshed.
It is time for me to take a spiritual inventory:
to count my sins and number your mercies.

You offer me a season of grace, Lord and my heart needs what you so freely give.
I have been here before so many times.
Like New Year's resolutions, my Lenten promises often fade away
before the ashes are brushed from my brow.

So, I offer you my past broken Lenten vows
and pray for your strong arm to keep me faithful this year
to my prayer, my fasting and my works of mercy.
I offer you all of my past false starts, and pray you will walk this Lenten path
with me from Ash Wednesday to Eater Sunday.
I offer you in advance whatever my Lenten failures might be, Lord, 
and pray that when I stumble your Spirit will pick me up, dust me off
and set me back on the path marked out for me, the path I pledged.

I offer you my ego, Lord, and pray I take no pride in being faithful this Lent:
sustain me in what I cannot do alone -- just one day at a time.

Help me pray, a day at a time, to sacrifice a day at a time,
to be merciful a day at a time.
As I walk this Lenten journey with your Church, Lord,
open me to the needs of others.
Whenever, wherever I might be merciful,
make me generous to others as you have been to me.

One day at a time, Lord, you and me, with the Church, in the grace of your Holy Spirit.

The Concord Pastor

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