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Friday, January 25, 2013

The Society of the Sacred Heart Announces the Successful Conclusion of the "In Mission for Life" Campaign

I received the following update from the US Society of the Sacred Heart  today and am happy to share with you!

In Paris in the early years of the Society of the Sacred Heart, Father Joseph Varin, a spiritual guide for the young Society, gathered with Madeleine Sophie Barat and her first companions each morning after Mass to discern and pray together about the spirit and charism of the Society of the Sacred Heart.  Father Varin posed the question, “What shall be its spirit?”  With one voice, they all said, “Generosity!”

It is with deep gratitude that the U.S. Province of the Society of the Sacred Heart announces the successful conclusion of the national five year $40,000,000 In Mission for Life campaign.  With God’s grace, daily prayer and the personal generosity of 5,600 benefactors and volunteers, the Society’s mission of discovering and making known the love of the Heart of Christ in our world will continue far into the future, and our elderly sisters will continue to receive the care they deserve.

At the close of the campaign, commitments totaled $38,400,000.  A very generous friend of the Society pledged her $8,000,000 estate to the future of the Society and its mission.  She was honored to be a part of helping us not only reach the goal but exceed it by $6,400,000.

We humbly and gratefully thank God, St. Madeleine Sophie, St. Philippine Duchesne and you for the amazing graces of our national campaign:
·        The relationships rekindled and deepened;
·        The Society’s spiritual and educational mission strengthened;
·        Our elderly sisters cared for in a manner which acknowledges their lives given in love.

Along with the Church’s Year of Faith celebrating St. Philippine Duchesne in the month of February, the Society is announcing a Year of Thanksgiving with moments of thanksgiving and celebration interspersed throughout the year.  We pray daily in gratitude for all supporters, living and deceased, who contributed in any way to this historic campaign.  Please watch for further details.

We began in faith; we end in hope.  With one voice, the Religious of the Sacred Heart thank you for your great generosity.

With gratitude, love and prayer,

   Barbara Dawson RSCJ                                                               Shirley Miller RSCJ

Sister Barbara Dawson                                                                   Sister Shirley Miller
U.S. Provincial                                                                               Director of Mission Advancement

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