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Monday, September 3, 2012

Congrats to Sacred Heart Alumna Marie Howe ... Recently Named 10th State Poet of New York

Marie Howe

Marie Howe, an alumna of the Convent of the Sacred Heart in Rochester, N.Y. aka "Prince Street", acclaimed poet and member of the writing faculty at Sarah Lawrence College has recently been appointed by Governor Andrew M. Cuomo as the 10th New York State Poet.  Marie will serve from 2012-2014.

A well deserved honor indeed for this child of the Sacred Heart! Marie Howe is the author of three books of poetry*.  Additionally she is co-editor of a highly-praised anthology of writing on AIDS.  Marie's brother John died of an AIDS-related illness and in 1995 Marie and Michael Klein co-edited a collection of essays, letters and stories entitled In the Company of My Solitude: American Writing from the AIDS Pandemic.

* Editors note: Book titles and links to all of Marie's work can be found on the right of this column under "BOOKS by Sacred Heart Alum Authors"

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