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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR) "Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America"

The 2012 LCWR Assembly begins today in St. Louis, Missouri and concludes on Saturday. The theme is Mystery Unfolding: Leading in the Evolutionary Now (click here and see page 4).  To learn more about the LCWR click here.  

The above video found on You Tube is a beautiful tribute featuring numerous supporters who choose to stand with the sisters. Photos are from prayer services, vigils, peaceful demonstrations, Masses, and other gatherings in support of women religious in the United States in May and June 2012 in response to the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith's assessment of the Leadership Conference  of Women Religious and various other investigations and criticisms of Sisters in the U.S. 

Sr. Mary Charlotte Chandler, RSCJ former member of the Society of the Sacred Heart Provincial Team is one of the many sisters' featured in this short promo for an exhibit that ended earlier this year.  Sr. Chandler served with eight other religious sisters on the Women & Spirit History Committee.   While the touring exhibit has ended there is a DVD entitled "Women & Spirit: Catholic Sisters in America" which was narrated by our very own Sacred Heart alumna, NPR senior news analyst and ABC news political commentator Cokie Roberts.  
“From the time the Ursulines arrived in New Orleans in 1727 up to today, women religious have made an incalculable contribution 
to this nation. Running schools, hospitals and orphanages from America’s earliest days, these women helped foster a culture of social service that has permeated our society. Over the centuries these courageous women overcame many obstacles—both physical and cultural—to bring their civilizing and caring influence to every corner of the country. Understanding and celebrating the history of women religious is essential to understanding and celebrating the history of America.”
          ~ Cokie Roberts, news analyst, author and Sacred Heart alumna 

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