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Saturday, January 14, 2012

Agatha de Marthon Hoff, Sacred Heart alumna and author talks about her life and the books she has written

Sacred Heart alumna Agatha de Marthon Hoff talks about her fascinating life and the books she has written in this short interview.  To learn more about fellow Sacred Heart alum authors please go the right hand column of my blog for a list and related web links.  Please feel free to write comments about books you have read and would recommend too.

Twenty gold coins similar to the one above were smuggled
out of Hungary inside a small Teddy Bear carried 

by Agatha de Marthon Hoff

Agatha de Marthon Hoff was born in Hungary.  She and her family fled the war-torn country during World War II.  Agatha is an alum of the Sacred Heart school in Hungary as well as our Sacred Heart school in Atherton/Menlo Park, California. When she arrived in the United States it was with a small teddy bear in her arms that conceled 20 gold coins. The book she has written: Burning Horses: A Hungarian Life Turned Upside Down is a fictionalized account of Eva Leopold Badies (mother of the author) and her survival of the Hungarian Holocaust.  

Agatha is a retired Commissioner of the San Francisco Supererior Court. After spending 20 years working in the court system she has much to write about! The title of her newest book:  Judge Hoff, Jesus Loves You but the Rest of Us Think You're an A**hole! is taken from graffiti left on a courthouse bathroom wall.  In Agatha's own words: "As I developed my notes into stories, it occurred to me that events in my own life provided the same mix of humor and pathos. I threw a few of those into the mix, so those who read this can laugh at, as well as with me."

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