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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

In Thanksgiving AASH wishes to help our friends at Sprout Creek Farm

Mosaic of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne
as seen in the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis - 
one of the many works of AASH Past President Hildreth Meiere
to learn more about her work and upcoming exhibits click here 

St. Rose Philippine Duchesne was known for her pioneering spirit and along with her religious companions they weathered many harsh winters chopping their own wood, tending to the animals and their vegtable garden.  

Philippine wrote:  "I never have the least doubt as to the will of God and his watchful care for the extension of his work in this country.  My consolations exceed my prayer is one continuous thansksgiving for the knowledge of that much-desired will of God."

AASH will give 10% of all on-line donations made to us
between now and December 1st to Sprout Creek Farm

click here to donate to AASH and help feed the animals this winter!

Today, I received the Sprout Creek Farm newsletter from Margo Morris, RSCJ. The weather earlier this fall (remember the freak snow storm?) combined with the mysterious removal (theft?) of 80 thousand-pound round bales of hay have created a financial crisis for them. For those that attended the 2011 AASH Conference in Miami you may recall the delicious cheese in the hospitality / boutique room - it was from Sprout Creek Farm! Why not treat yourself and your friends to some delicious cheese this holiday season!  

Please note: Between now and December 1st if you make an on-line donation to AASH we will give 10% back to Sprout Creek Farm. Please tell fellow alums to click here and donate today! Also, did you know that many companies will match your donation!  Please ask your Human Resource department for the proper forms and you can double and sometimes triple your gift!   All Sacred Heart alums let's show Sprout Creek we care and go on-line to donate today and buy some cheese this holiday season!

Wishing all a very blessed and happy Thanksgiving holiday! 


Sprout Creek Farm would love to be a part of all your Thanksgiving celebrations, near and far. Haven't figured out how to bilocate ourselves yet, but how about a wedge or two of your favorite Sprout Creek Farm cheese before dinner? Grate it atop your mashed potatoes, or shave it onto your salad.  Any way you like it, we'll be right there with you.

 From today November 22nd until Sunday November 27th, you can purchase 2 lbs. of any Sprout Creek Farm cheese, and get a free tub of our fresh goats' milk cheese, Doe Re Mi.

An added bonus. If one of the cheeses you happen to love is Toussaint, little Ruby Toussaint,
a calf born on November 3, 2011 says she'd like to give you a whopping 15% off on a wedge of any size.

No, you can't take Ruby home -- only the cheese that bears her name: Toussaint.  
NOTE:  Market is closed on Thanksgiving Day only.  If you are desperate for cheese, eggs, or anything else we carry in our market, please call the main farmhouse before NOON.  845-485-8438

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  1. Well I called and ordered a selection of cheeses and I'm now planning to invite a few Sacred Heart alums for Gouter... I think it will be a fun way to start the advent season with a little get-together enjoying cheese from Sprout Creek Farm and a glass of wine.

    This morning, I received an email from Margo Morris, RSCJ and she is thrilled with the response so thank you to all alums who have been donating to AASH (10% will go to the farm) and buying cheese. I'll post more so you can learn about how fabulous Sprout Creek Farm is!

    Happy Thanksgiving!