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Thursday, September 15, 2011

For the Feast of the Seven Dolours of the Blessed Virgin

Feast September 15th ~ O most desolate of all Mother's, what a terrible sword of sorrow penetrated thy soul! All the blows that Jesus received fell upon thee; each of His wounds rent thy heart; but especially His last farewell revived all thy sorrows. What but supernatural strength sustained thy soul when thou didst witness His expiring sigh! O Mother of love and sorrow, grant that I may love and suffer in imitation of thy sacred example.  Queen of Martyrs, let me share thy martyrdom. Love gave thee the Cross; may the Cross give me holy love; and, if to love, it be necessary for me to suffer and to die, obtain for me the grace of loving all that comes from God, even though it be sufferings and death. Amen

Taken from the book: Special Devotions Compiled for Children of the Sacred Heart

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